Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

Nothing too exciting to report just a nice weekend at home with my favorite people.

Friday: Pizza and ice-cream sundaes started off the weekend on a sweet note. Evie and Henry are really enjoying playing in the street with their scooters so we spent some time outside after dinner. Driveways in TN are not exactly smooth so the road is a much better surface for riding although I get a little nervous. Evie is exhausted after a week of school so bedtime came early. 

Saturday: Henry is always up bright and early between 6:30 and 7. As soon as his eyes open, he begins calling "Mama, Mama" - he does not like being alone in his crib. At night, he falls asleep as soon as I put him in the crib so he is not used to spending time hanging out in the crib like his sister used to do! We spent some time straightening up around the house and finishing some little projects. Nothing too crazy but it always feels good to cross things off the list that have been on there for four years! Henry was invited to a birthday party without Evie which thrilled him to pieces. We headed off to Elliot's pirate party. Henry had a blast with his little friends from school and I enjoyed meeting some new moms. Evie requested Chinese food for dinner. It was a great idea! Football and Chinese food made for a perfect night. Evie loves wonton soup and I love not cooking dinner!

Sunday: I gave up computers and phones for the day and it was a wonderful feeling. It bothers me how I am so hooked to a little piece of metal.  It felt so freeing to spend a day without the extra noise. We had a lazy day at home and made the resolution to get to church more this September. Early church after a week of waking up early might not work for us now that Evie is in kindergarten.  We went on a family run and then Carl grilled ribs for lunch -yummy! We watched a movie on the couch - Home Alone. Evie adores that movie!  After the movie, we went on a hike which was the perfect way to spend a nice afternoon and then stopped for a sweet treat of ice-cream. It's always fun to see all the treats the kids pile onto their frozen yogurt. Carl and I keep it simple with chocolate candies and chocolate sauce. Evie and Henry are a lot more creative! More football was next on the agenda along with our Sunday night popcorn tradition. I finished my Book Club book - In the Woods. It was a mystery and a good one at that. Everyone went to bed early!

Monday: Henry and I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Evie and Carl slept really late. After everyone was up and ready to go, we headed to the pool and spent most of the day there. It was a perfect last day of summer! We played outside, watched a movie and grilled some chicken to round out the day. Such a beautiful day with lots of sunshine! I can already feel that tiny hint of fall in the air. Love all the seasons and am thankful to enjoy all four. Summer is my favorite and it is always sad to see it end. 

What a wonderful weekend! Even three day weekends go by too quickly. I'll miss Evie and Carl tomorrow! 


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! We love Home Alone too and both kids call it "Kevin."

  2. Sounds like a great weekend, and much like ours! We just enjoyed being at and around home, with a few adventures mixed in to keep us from going stir crazy...and to tire out a two year old! So glad y'all enjoyed good family time!


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