Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up!

Weekends have never felt that different for me since I have been with my kids every day. Now, that Evie is in Kindergarten, weekends are my very favorite time. I miss my kiddos while they are at school.

Friday: Carl got home in time to pick up Henry from school and Henry loved being an only child for a bit. Evie was thrilled to see her Daddy standing at the bus stop when she got off the bus. We had a low-key afternoon because after a week of Kindergarten someone was exhausted! Lots of moms had warned me and they were right - Friday afternoons are rough with a new Kindergarten girl! Carl grilled some pork tenderloin and Henry helped me in the kitchen a bit. He is such a little chef. Henry and Evie played and played. They miss each other so much!

Saturday: Henry woke up bright and early! Evie slept in a bit. We just hung around the house all morning trying to catch up from a busy week and then headed to the pool after lunch. I am going to miss our pool days since the pool closes soon for the season. Henry went to bed early and then Evie had a sitter. We are using a neighbor who is in 8th grade and I feel better when she only has one child to put to bed. Evie adores Erin and she is a super sitter. We went out to a 40th Birthday Bash! WOW, people sure have super fun parties here. Carl and I are going to have to host soon since we have been to so many fun parties this year.

Sunday: I woke up with a sinus infection and everyone else slept late. Carl took Henry for a jog and Evie and I went on a scooter ride. It was the perfect morning because I loved catching up with my BIG girl. She showed me all the places the bus stops and who lives where. Have I mentioned that I miss her so much? Carl grilled burgers for lunch and Evie had lots of compliments. She loves burgers! After lunch, we went to Bicentennial Mall in Nashville. We had a blast watching a vintage baseball game, checking out the huge globe, echoing in the compass and of course splashing in the fountains. We chose the hottest day of the year but it was still so much fun! Our ice-cream was extra yummy after our adventure! Everyone was exhausted so it was time for a movie and popcorn with lots of cuddles.

It was a super weekend with my favorite people. Looking forward to a LONG weekend in four days.


  1. We started using a sitter from church this summer and she is in 8th grade. I felt like that sounded too young but we feel comfortable, so you have made me feel better. I am looking forward to the long weekend ahead too. Avery had her first Kindergarten meltdown tonight so it could be a long week.

  2. Yes, these weekends are getting ready to get a lot more precious. Molly doesn't start school until Wednesday and I'm so excited but anxious too :) I'm so glad Evie has had such a wonderful transition!!

  3. What a fun weekend. Glad to hear Evie is loving school.


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