Thursday, August 21, 2014

Evie is a Kindergartner!

It is still hard to believe that my sweet Evie has turned into a kindergartner this week! She woke up Monday morning about an hour before we needed to leave and was so excited to go to school.

We packed the backpack, put on the clothes, took the pictures and headed out the door. Carl went with us and it was so fun to walk Evie into her classroom. She felt like a pro after her half day on Friday. I will say it was easier to leave her on Monday than on Friday.

I went to the Boo Hoo Breakfast after dropping her off and Carl took Henry to preschool. The only one who was Boo Hooing was Henry. He wanted his sissy and mommy in his line of vision at all times.  Henry would go to kindergarten tomorrow if he could be with Evie. He has really missed her this week. 

I enjoyed the breakfast and had a chance to chat with a few moms that I knew and met some new ones too. Breakfast was delicious! I love Evie's school and feel great about her being there. It's still hard to leave your baby girl. I have been teary this week and really missing my best girl. It seems like everywhere we go there are little girls that remind me of Evie. Everyone has reassured me that I will get used to Evie being gone so much but eight hours in a super long day. 

Evie had a terrific first day and was all smiles getting off the bus. I sure was happy to see her bouncing off the bus! 

Evie loves to share with me about her day and she is thrilled to play with Henry. They are really missing each other. She gets excited about showing me her work and picking her snack after school. She has decided the bus ride is her favorite part of the school experience. It must be fun since she comes home with a new hair-do every afternoon and funny stories. She did tell me that she wished they could play at school -that made me so sad! Kindergarten sure has changed. 

It's been a terrific first week and I look forward to watching Evie grow this year. 

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  1. So glad Evie had a great week! I know you are missing her terribly. Avery is planning to ride the bus Monday since I have a meeting...another milestone to get through. I had two children quietly ask their parents at open house where the toys were. We will be playing some, but the housekeeping center and all the others are long gone.


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