Monday, August 11, 2014

Henry's First Day of School - 2014

Henry was so excited to go to Panda school! That's what he calls his Panda class. 

Evie told him on the way that he would not be seeing her on the playground but she would blow him a kiss from the kindergarten playground. Preschool and our elementary school are only separeted by some woods. Henry did not seem at all concerned that Evie was not going to be there but he has decided that he is going to kindergarten and will ride the bus. 

It was fun to see all of our old friends when we got to school. Evie felt like the big kid! I got a little teary walking him in but that always happens to me at a school -I think because as a teacher first days are so emotional. What an honor and a privilege to teach these precious children. 

Henry walked right in, found his name, hung his lunchbox and washed his hands. He quickly located the cash register and started playing store. Henry is quite adaptable and told us good-bye while going about his business. 

Evie and I went grocery shopping, to kindergarten testing and to Sky Zone with some friends for a little jumping fun. I love days with my Evie and they are going to be few and far between. Henry and I will still have lots of time together. Evie asked me if I thought Henry was doing okay at school! Such a sweet girl to think of her brother.

Henry was happily eating vanilla wafers and drinking milk when we walked in to pick him up. He hugged us both and told us that he missed us and loved us. Ms. Brenda and Ms. Angie gave Henry an excellent report and told me he was a delightful storyteller. Henry had given Ms. Brenda the skinny on our vacation - she knew it all from Henry driving the boat, to canoeing and even our long trip in the car. 

We were all happy to be back together again! Henry and Evie have been playing nicely for nearly an hour. Absence makes the heart grow fonder! 

I'd call it a successful first day of school - only one more first day of school this week. That one might be a little trickier for us!


  1. So happy he had a great first day! I love those sweet pictures. It doesn't seem right that it's time for him to be in school though!

  2. Henry is so cute! So glad he had a good first day. Rowen starts preschool in September. How is Sky Zone?! We have never been...

  3. Oh Jennifer...he is too cute. He melts my heart with his sweetness! I can't believe summer is over and school has begun again! Don't you wish time could just slow down a little? Are you teaching again this year?


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