Thursday, August 7, 2014

50 Years!

Last weekend, Carl and I gathered with lots of family and friends to celebrate his parents 50th wedding anniversary! Wow, 50 years that is incredible and does not happen much anymore. 

We had a wonderful party with delicious food and drink, lots of children and a band. Everyone enjoyed themselves especially the children. It was so cute to see three little cousins walking around together showing their belly buttons and pretending to be a train! 

Carl's parents have moved several times in their 50 years of wedded bliss and it was fun to see people from different stages of their life. What a gift it is to know someone through life and still be friends 50 years later.

Aunt Anne, who introduced me to Carl, was a mere 14 years old at Sheila and Tony's wedding on her first date with Uncle Rusty who was 16 at the time. That is pretty amazing! I bet they could share some stories with us all on making marriage work.

It was our honor to be there to celebrate such a momentous occasion! Congratulations Sheila and Tony on Fifty years of marriage. You are a wonderful example to me and Carl in loving each other and working together as a team. We loved being there to celebrate with you! 

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