Friday, November 7, 2014

Five on Friday!

I have missed writing my Five on Friday! Thrilled to be back! It's been a wild week so a quick captioning of five tidbits of life is about the best I can do right now. Happy Friday, Y'all!

ONE - Smores' Dip: My friend and favorite Stella & Dot representative Kathy posted this recipe last week and I knew it would be perfect for my girls night. Evie and I had a little girls night on Monday. We made smores dip and watched an American Girl doll movie. Make.This.Dip.Now! It is amazing and simple. Put some chocolate chips in a ramekin and toss some marshmallows on top. Place in oven for 5 minutes at 450. Use graham crackers as your dippers. Evie and I devoured the dip - she barely said a word just kept dipping!  I was amazed that my oven could make marshmallows taste this good!

TWO - Shrimp and Grits: I adore Shrimp and Grits Kids! They have the cutest, most affordable clothes that are still Southern and sweet. I placed a large order last week and then received an email on Monday they were having a 33% off sale! YIKES! I was ready to return everything and start over. However, Jordan, their amazing customer service rep helped remedy the problem. Good customer service is hard to find but I am mighty impressed with Shrimp and Grits right now. So impressed, that I placed another order!

THREE - Pampered Chef: My amazing Carolina Girl friend Elizabeth just started as a Pampered Chef consultant and I love to support my friends with their business endeavors! I am looking forward to creating eight delicious dinners in Elizabeth's gorgeous kitchen this morning and bringing them home to my barren freezer. Lemon Basil meatballs, Pork sliders, lasagna and pesto tortellini are on the menu. I love killing two birds with one stone - fun time with friends while filling my freezer! What a terrific idea Pampered Chef!

FOUR - Rain Boots: It rains a lot in Nashville. A LOT! After soaking two pairs of shoes on Wednesday, I decided to order myself some rain boots. I love how they look on other people but at this point - I do not care how they look but they need to keep my feet dry. My kids rock their rain boots if even a sprinkle is in the forecast. I'll probably save my rain boots for the torrential rains that arrive here weekly! I'll report back if I really like them. Guess what color they are? PINK!!! Best part is Ebates was offering 9% cash back on Nordstorm purchases and my credit card is offering 5% back on department store purchases! Ta Da that saves some money but I am sure I will find something else to buy.

FIVE - Wine: Tennessee finally passed a referendum to sell wine in grocery stores. ALLELUIA! It is such a pain to take the time to visit two different stores when I am making dinner or want to have a Happy Hour. FINALLY! Wine is going to be sold in grocery stores but not until 2016. I have a new wine that is not bad at all considering it is $5! Yes, $5 - try a bottle of Crane Lake next time you are shopping for wine. Pretty delicious and it keeps your budget in check. 

Hope all of you have a lovely weekend! It feels like November is speeding by even faster than October. It will be Turkey Day soon! There is so much to be thankful for this year. 

    "Giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ."
                     Ephesians 5:20

I am thankful for . . .

     My family both near and far.
     Amazing friends here in Nashville.
     Time to spend with my children.
     Wonderful books.
     Excellent schools that challenge my children.


  1. I'm starving after reading about smores dip and shrimp and grits (written out that sounds like a weird combo .... ha! but separately, pretty amazing)!!! And yay! for pink rainboots! I'm in the market too and just haven't pulled the trigger yet! Excited to see what you got and how you like them!

    Happy Friday --- glad you linked up with us. :)

  2. Going to have to try that s'mores dip this weekend. It sounds easy and delicious which are my favorite things. Avery has gotten hooked on the McKenna AG movie on Netflix, so much so that I can't get her to watch the AG DVD I bought with 4 of my favorites. I had ordered from Shrimp and Grits just before the sale but didn't try to do anything about it. I need to order again though. Sam is going to size out of the one piece things soon, and they really aren't convenient now that he uses the potty. :( Happy Friday!

  3. Adorable pics! It does look like a fantastic weekend! And thanks for sharing about the s'mores dip, that sounds amazing! Hope you love your new rain boots, pink is perfect!


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