Sunday, November 16, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up: Tea Party and Celebrating

We had a fantastic weekend! Not that exciting but still fantastic!

Friday: I had such a fun Friday morning with Evie! It was Breakfast with Mom at her school. Henry and I both went and had a ball. They had an amazing turnout and breakfast was delicious. Evie saw lots of people that she knows and it is so cute to see all these kids coming up to greet my sweet girl.  After breakfast, we hit the book fair and bought a few books for our house and a few for her teacher. You can never have too many books! After school, we all enjoyed some hot chocolate and banana bread - it was super cold and such a treat to spend the afternoon cuddled up together. We had a picnic for dinner and a movie.

Saturday: Evie and Henry were thrilled to see Carl when they woke up on Saturday. Carl was out of town all of last week and got home after they were already asleep on Friday. I headed out for a bit while Carl held down the fort. Evie and I snuck out for Leah's 6th birthday party! It was a tea party and so fun. Evie is already planning her own birthday party. She will be 6 years old two months from today. Time sure keeps ticking! I have mentioned this before but I love going to birthdays for the kids we have known forever. Evie and Leah have been friends since they were babies. They used to sit next to each other in their carriers. Now, they are BIG girls!  We celebrated five years in our house on Saturday night. That is a special occasion so I will try to whip up another post to document our celebration.

Sunday: Both kids were up before 6! YIKES! Evie was singing her repertoire of Annie songs and Henry was calling for his Daddy.  We normally do not start our day so early but decided we would just roll with it for today. It was a rainy, cold day perfect for a big breakfast of biscuits, eggs and fruit.  We just hung out at home spending time together! Carl made some yummy sausage spinach soup for lunch and we hunkered down since it was a yucky day. Evie had a friend come over to play. Victoria is in Evie's class and they played beautifully together! We have such a sweet class and teacher this year. 

That about sums up our weekend - lots of family time. Hope you had a terrific weekend too!

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  1. Evie is just down right her mama! Aubrey has been getting up at 6am as well...not my idea of a good wake time!!


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