Sunday, February 1, 2015

Wonderful Weekend: Puppet Shows, Friends and Brunch!

It was a wonderful weekend! Busier than usual but so nice.

Friday: We enjoyed our weekly pizza dinner and put the kids to bed early before watching a movie. I cannot remember the movie so it was not that great! I finished a fabulous book - The Story Hour. Highly recommend that book! 

Saturday: We woke up later than usual and whipped up a delicious breakfast of biscuits, eggs, bacon and fruit. Evie still loves to play waitress and happily passed everything out for us. After breakfast, Evie worked on her Valentines for her friends. Then, we decided to check out the puppet show at the Nashville Public Library - Hansel and Gretel. One of my favorite fairy tales but the puppet show did not blow me away. Most of their shows are AMAZING but this was not my favorite. Henry and Evie both liked it a lot. We stopped at Edley's Barbecue on the way home which is always a treat. It was a nice relaxing afternoon. Evie and Henry played, watched a movie and helped me straighten a bit. I started a new book and Carl relaxed a bit. We had some friends over for dinner and it was so fun. I have been inspired by Erin at Blue-Eyed Bride to open our home more to others and build community with our friends. I used to do this a lot - not sure why I stopped! Evie and Henry loved having their friends over to play. It was a fabulous night with lots of laughter and good conversation. Best of all I was completely stress-free about hosting an extra family. It just all came together!  It was a late night though and we all passed out early.

Sunday: Everyone slept late since we were up late. Henry is coughing badly again and wheezing a little. He has just a tiny touch of asthma that flares up occasionally so we did his breathing treatment and let him rest a bit. My small-group from church hosted a baby shower for our sweet friend Emilee this morning at Brick Top's. It's her third baby - a little boy so we brought her a few little things. Mostly diapers!  I got her a little hat too because who can resist a baby boy in a precious hat! Brunch was delicious! We had deviled eggs and millionaires bacon plus little doughnuts. I ordered waffles and bacon for my meal and of course we had mimosas. Brunch is my very favorite meal - it feels so fun and grown-up. I adore these friends and feel so fortunate to have them and their families in my life. Carl held down the fort at home. It was a nice, lazy afternoon at home. Rainy days are perfect days for staying inside. Carl and I created a little Super Bowl party for our family - nothing fancy but it was fun to celebrate with my favorite team. We had wings, cheese dip, fruit and veggies and ice-cream sundaes for dessert. Bedtime is next on the agenda!

Hope you had an amazing weekend filled with people and plans that make you happy!

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