Saturday, January 16, 2016

Happy 7th Birthday, Evie!

Dear Evie,

      Here we are again - another birthday! It is so hard to believe that our sweet little girl is 7 years old. You are the best! We love you so much and cannot imagine our life without you in it. It was a wonderful day celebrating you - a sleepover last night and dinner at American Girl tonight. We love to celebrate our best girl!

You are the kindest person! Everyone tells us how thoughtful you are, that you are a fabulous friend and that you are always looking out for others. That makes us so proud of you! Being kind is always important even when it is difficult! I love seeing you in your element with friends - it thrills me to see you making such good choices with your friends. We hope you always have friends that love you for being you. Friends that help you be the best Evie and inspire you to try new things. It's good to step out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself. Those will be the times when you learn the most about yourself. Mama and Daddy see this happening already and it is exhilarating for us to see you expanding your little world.

Your best friends are Sarah, Leah, Abby and Bonnie - those are your besties. You have lots of wonderful close friends - Callie, Sophie, Molly, and Taylor. Sarah recently moved to Alabama but she came back for your party. It was hard for us to see you lose another friend but that is life in Nashville. Friends come and go a lot here. We have learned that the hard way! You will never lack for friends with your big smile and the way you include everyone. 

You are beginning to notice what others are doing and asking lots of questions about the particulars. Each family has different rules and people spend their money differently. You suddenly have an interest in Matilda Jane clothes - not my favorite but you make it work. Every morning, you spend a lot of time selecting an outfit, deciding on a hairstyle, and of course picking the perfect shoes. It is important to learn that nothing you wear will make someone like you more and if it is does than they probably are not the kind of friends that will stick around when you really need a friend. 

You are a terrific student and have come a LONG way this school year. Your reading has jumped multiple levels but math is where you really shine. I am so proud of your number sense and hope you continue to show growth in this area. You have a special relationship with Owen in your class. He has Down's Syndrome and you have learned so much from him. I love seeing you show compassion to those who need it most. You have decided you want to work with special needs children when you grow up. You are fascinated by what makes Owen click and how you can help him. That career choice will most likely change but I hope the compassion for others does not diminish. 

Even though you are turning into a BIG girl - you still love cuddles and hugs. You kiss me and Henry every morning before you get on the bus - and then blow us a kiss from the steps of the bus. When Daddy is traveling, you beg to sleep with me - of course I let you because you will not be little for long. Henry prefers sleeping solo! You go to bed about 7:30 and wake up about 7:30. Sometimes even later and then we really have to rush to get outside for the bus. We are excited that you are sleeping later and later in the mornings especially on the weekends. You are becoming much more independent toasting your own waffles, packing your snack for school and organizing your own room. 

You still have a few of your "baby" words such a close the light, "crash can", along with some others that I cannot remember at the moment. 

You enjoyed gymnastics in the fall but are hoping to take acting classes this spring. I am confident that acting will be a great fit for you because you are filled with drama. You have all the feelings - sometimes all within a few short minutes. 

You are an American Girl fanatic with a growing collection of dolls and accessories. You play for hours with your girls and that makes me so happy. You are a fantastic Mama to your daughters!

You love art - drawing, painting, crafting and of course art class at school. You love hiking and playing outside. You build Legos and play card games such as Old Maid and UNO. You are competitive and have a strong desire to win. 

Music makes you happy! Girls Just Wanta to Have Fun is your top song choice but anything by Taylor Swift thrills you too. 

You love sweets, sweets and more sweets - just like Mama! We had such a fun date to Starbucks the other day and you have asked to go back You love Chick fil A and Subway although Mexican is still a top choice. Vegetables and fruits are always tasty options too - grapes, cantaloupe and strawberries are your favorite fruits. Carrots and bell peppers are your  favorite veggies. You try most everything now - egg salad and guacamole are your favorite lunch choices and tacos and shrimp make you happy at dinner.

 Henry is still your baby! You coddle him and act like his Mama. You are thrilled to see him after school and want to hear all about his day. He loves you just as fiercely. Y'all are two peas in a pod except when you are not but let's focus on how much you love the little guy. Henry and you sit super close at every meal, cuddle on the couch, take gator rides together, build forts, play family, compete on endless games of UNO and Zingo. You hold hands, kiss and hug! You teach him, love him, correct him, play with him and root for him. I love to see you two creating such a strong relationship. Henry looks up to you and you cater to most of his whims. It is an indescribable bond that I never dreamed you would have with your brother but am incredibly happy that you two have each other. You going to have lots of special childhood memories of days spent together. 

Evie, we love you so much! You will always be extra special because you made us parents. You taught us everything we know. It is bittersweet to see you growing up. We miss you being a baby but it is spectacular to see you growing into a young lady. You are our favorite girl! Looking forward to watching you grow for another year - I am sure this year will be filled with excitement! Everyday with you has some magic in it - that magic is YOU!

Your verse for the year: Micah 6:8

"Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God."


Mama and Daddy


  1. Happy Birthday Evie! The love you have for your children shines through you and your words.

  2. Happy birthday Evie! Can't believe you are 7! So thankful for the amazing girl you are turning into. Praying God's blessings on you this year!


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