Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Henry is 4.5!

Dear Henry,

   My baby boy is 4 1/2! This sure happened fast! You are a JOY! Everyone loves you from the dental hygienist to the ladies at church - we all think you are pretty great. I have never met a sweeter boy than you. It is wonderful to see you growing into a gentleman - you hold doors, have impeccable manners and know that ladies come first. You offer a helping hand to anyone in need from Daddy pruning the rose bushes to a friend who needs help with a zipper. 

I can definitely tell that you have a big sister because you hold hands with your little friends. It is the most precious thing! One of your best buddies, Eddie, has a big sister too and you boys are two peas in a pod. You can hold your own with the boys too but you are softer and more gentle than boys your age with older brothers. 

You go to school three days per week and are learning so many things. I am shocked by how quickly you pick up new information. You can count super high, can read simple text, ask questions that I have to Google and can carry on a conversation with anyone. You still call the YMCA - the "YMC Way" and mouth wash is always "wash mouth" to you. 

You are still super tight with your Bun Bun's and sleep with both of them each night from 7-7. Every morning, without fail we hear the pitter patter of your little feet down the hallway and you climb into bed for morning cuddles. Daddy and I love this special time with you. We have thought about adjusting your clock because you know that 7:00 means wake up time. Perhaps 7:00 could really be 8:00 - just kidding little buddy. 

You are a great eater and your favorites are white milk, hummus, apples, blackberries and anything sweet. You love grilled meats that your Daddy prepares especially chicken.

Your favorite color is blue and you love the show Nature Cat. Rescue Bots are your favorite toys and riding your gator is favorite outside activity. You have a new interest in Legos after getting a glimpse of your Uncle Ben's collection. You love books and will sit for an hour listening to books. You play well by yourself and know how to work an iPad better than your Mama. 

You cannot stand people interrupting you especially your sister, you despise bullies and refuse to eat cheese in any form besides pizza and cheese sticks. Not sure why but you do not seem to have a fondness for that orange stuff like everyone else in the family. 

Your best buddies are Eddie, Elliott, Anderson and Matthew. You love spending time with friends but always ask to have dates with Mama. We enjoy our Tuesdays and Thursdays together so much. Evie is still one of your favorite friends although you have finally decided that you are not going to marry her after all. Sophie is your top choice for the important role of wife right now. Mama and Daddy approve - Sophie is a Southern Belle just like your sister and wears bows bigger than her head too. You are used to some sass - it's going to help you in life! Evie works hard to teach you to read and you work hard to teach little ones new things. You even had one year old, William, riding along in your gator. You are always listening and soaking it in. I was surprised to hear you this morning telling Evie's friend how old Anderson's brother is - he is almost 10 and you were so proud to know that. 

You grew some new hairs on your arms a few weeks ago and thought you were such a big boy. Muscles are flexed a lot and you tell me every day that you are getting bigger.

My hope is that I can always remember you as a 4.5 year old little boy- the perfect mixture of my baby boy and a big boy. I cherish your snuggles and love that you still love to be rocked. Your hand in my hand is perfect and something I do not take for granted. It is amazing to see you grow and change but you will always be my baby boy.

Love, Mama and Daddy

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  1. What a sweetie! I can't believe he and Aubrey are into their 4's now...makes me so sad! Love that he is such a sweetie and that he and Evie are so close. Boys are special for sure!!


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