Friday, January 16, 2015

Evie is 6!

Dear Evie,

   Another year passed way too quickly and you are six years old! The time sure keeps flying with you keeping us busy.

It's been a wonderful year filled with so many exciting things: preschool graduation, passing the swim test, starting kindergarten, riding the school bus, learning to read and even swimming on the swim team. WOW! You are such a BIG girl now!

I treasure our time together so much and see that you are growing quickly! Every week, it seems like you get a little taller, a bit more grownup and always smarter. 

You are a social butterfly! Everyone adores you and you adore everyone. You have a heart for others and are kind almost all of the time. Bodie's mom told me that one afternoon he and another friend of yours were discussing who was the nicest person in class. Guess who they picked? YOU! That made my heart soar because being nice is pretty important in life. P.S. Bodie is a really nice kid!

You adore your brother! I could not ask for you to be any sweeter to him. You read to him, cuddle him, get him out of the crib, lecture him, and play with him. He adores you too, Evie! Praying that love continues to grow as both of you grow. 

You are still a fan of the color pink and everything is still pink from your lunchbox to your hair bow. That thrills me because pink is still my favorite color too. 

You chose a tea party for your birthday party this year and boy are we having a tea party. Eighteen of your closest friends are coming over on Sunday for a Par-Tea! It's going to be fun but I should have thought about how everyone loves you before inviting twenty kiddos to our house.  Cannot believe only two people declined! It's going to be wild but a memory we will treasure forever. 

You love American Girl right now and are thrilled to play with Isabelle. She has become a member of our family. You even wrapped some "presents" for her tonight and put them with your stack of presents for the morning. Such a sweet girl! Isabelle is going to be thrilled!

You love hiking with Daddy, reading books, watching movies, playing outside and being with your friends. Cold weather is your favorite. Dresses are your choice of attire and sparkles go with everything. Chocolate is your favorite sweet. Kiwi and red bell peppers are your favorite healthy foods. You love music class at school and playing school at home.

Raffi is still around and you always cuddle up at night with all three for a cozy sleep. You are turning into a night owl- falling asleep about 8 and waking up about 7:45 just in time for the bus at 8:05. 

You ask lots of questions and seem to be an old soul although you are still very innocent. I'd keep you this way forever but you are learning about life. It's okay, Evie - Mommy and Daddy are here to help you navigate for as long as you need us. 

You have been planning your birthday for a LONG time! I feel like January birthdays can be hard for lots of reasons so we work hard to make it extra special for you. 

You asked me to bring doughnuts to school tomorrow for your school celebration. Krispy Kreme of course: Chocolate with sprinkles! Yummy! 

I loved you being five and am a little sad it is over but know that six is going to be even better. We have an exciting year ahead of us! You are going to be a flower girl in your Uncle Ben's wedding - that is a special honor and will be a highlight of your sixth year of life for sure. 

Mommy and Daddy are looking forward to seeing you blossom! You are just perfect and there is nothing we would change about you. We love you so much and there is nothing you can do that will make us love you any less or any more than we already do! 

We are so thankful for you our special gift that came on a cold January night! 

Love, Mommy and Daddy

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  1. Happy birthday Evie!! It's been fun watching you grow, all the way from Canada.


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