Thursday, January 8, 2015

Henry is 3.5!

Dear Henry,

   You are 3.5! It seems like you were just born which is exactly how I felt when someone else turned 3.5 in our family. Time keeps on ticking and you are turning into a little boy.  You still think you are a baby most days and that works just fine for me. You still carry your Bun Buns with you around the house and do not like to be alone. 

You are the sweetest, cuddliest little guy. I love your soft voice and little hand that always needs holding. I get teary a lot about how fast you are growing up because you are my last baby. You say the sweetest things like - " I love you so much, Mama. You are my best Mama. You are my favorite friend."

It is such a privilege to spend my days with you! We read books, draw, build things, make cookies and eat your favorite snacks. You are a still a BIG snacker my friend. Watching you eat always makes me smile because you really enjoy your food. 

You are still pretty tiny for your age but that works out nicely since you love to be held. You weigh about 33 pounds and wear a size 3 along with a few size 2's. Your shoe size is 8.5 but shoes seem to fit you in many different sizes. You still wear a pair of shoes from two winters ago and love them dearly. They seem to fit so I just let you keep wearing them.

You do not like being cold at all and have asked several times this week, "Why is winter taking so long?" Spring will be here soon! You bury your hands in your pockets, love wearing a hat and never argue about wearing a coat. We have not been outside much but when we do you always ask to come in after about ten minutes. I am right there with you - cold weather is not my favorite season. You know that Daddy and Evie love cold weather and that Mama prefers warmer temperatures. It was 8 degrees this morning when Evie left for school - we were freezing and she was happy as a clam!

You love riding your tricycle, building forts, playing with cars/trucks and watching TV. Anderson and Eddie are your best friends. It is interesting to see how different three year old boys are that have big brothers versus big sisters. Anderson has a nine year old brother and Eddie has a six year old sister. You told Anderson you loved him the other day and gave him a hug - his response was okay!  Eddie hugs you right back and tells you he loves you too! You are really starting to love your friends and requesting to see them along with fun activities like Monkey Joe's or ice-cream. 

You talk about time a lot. Telling me something happened last year, yesterday or last week. You are already counting down to your real birthday and want a lemonade party at Chuckie Cheese. 

While we are talking about time, let's just say you learned to potty super fast and with very few accidents because we waited until you were ready! I was not worried at all and knew that I have never met a kindergartner in diapers. You even wear underwear at night in your crib! You love your crib and do not want your "big boy bed" yet so we will wait a few more months. I think you might like the bed once you get used to it but I will miss coming to get you out of your crib in the morning. You sleep for about 12 hours a night going down between 7 and 7:30 at night sometimes earlier if you have school.

You go to preschool three days per week and absolutely love it. You bounce right in the door and barely tell me goodbye. You are always excited to see me when I pick you up and run into my arms. That is something I will miss! Yesterday, it snowed a bit while you were in school and you told me that you thought I was going to get lost. 

Henry you are such an amazing little guy! I love you so much and know that the years will keep passing but it will get even better. You will always be my little boy even when you are all grown up. 

Love, Mama (AKA your favorite friend)

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  1. Tried to comment once but I don't think it worked. Happy 3.5, Henry! Our boys are a lot a like, especially with loveys and cribs. I'm getting sad that 3 is so close for Sam, but Henry makes 3.5 sound great.


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