Wednesday, July 1, 2015

10 Year Anniversary Trip

Carl and I celebrated our ten year anniversary earlier this month with a trip to Boca Raton, Florida. My mom and aunt were so sweet to come stay with the kids. It was our first time leaving them! Of course, they were fine and we were fine too. I had a few tears every day missing them a bit but knew that within minutes of seeing them life would be crazy again.

We enjoyed relaxing on the beach and eating yummy food. It was wonderful to have a break from the daily grind of motherhood. We love our children dearly but being a parent is a ton of work. Way more than either of us anticipated - it is constant and this break was wonderful in every way and much needed! We will not wait another 6.5 years before leaving again. 

Carl read a book which has not happened in years and I read a few books. We drank yummy cocktails and watched the waves come in and out. The beach is much easier without wrangling kids for sunscreen or toting down toys and snacks.  Our kids adore the beach and we enjoy family vacations but it was so nice to just have us to worry about. Life is much easier with just us but it is also not the same. I was just shocked by how easy it was to do everything without my kids in tow and hope this is something I will remember so I can be empathetic and helpful to other parents with young children as our kids get older. 

We stayed at the Waldorf Astoria Boca Beach Club and I highly recommend it. Hotel was beautiful and the staff were amazing. Everyone went above and beyond to make us feel special and took care of us so well. We took a water taxi between the two resorts and there was also a shuttle. We only left the resort once to go into the neighboring town for a bite to eat. 

On our anniversary, June 11, we ate dinner on the 27th floor at a restaurant called Blue. It was divine and they certainly made a HUGE effort in making it a special night for us. Perfect table, an anniversary card, a gorgeous dessert, etc. We had a fabulous view to enjoy while dining on scrumptious oysters, swordfish, salads and desserts. 

Wish I had more to say but it was just a perfect, low-key trip with my sweet husband. I will say that within moments of walking in the door - we wished were back in Florida. Our AC went out three times within the first week we were home and one of our children gave me a run for my money for an entire week after I got back and Carl left again for a week of travel. It was immediately back to being a mom and that is just the way I like it but it was beyond wonderful to spend the week with Carl! 

A BIG THANKS to my Mom and Aunt Libby for giving us a break and taking care of our kids while we were gone! 

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  1. Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you two had a much needed vacation.


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