Thursday, July 16, 2015

Evie is 6.5!

Evie - You are 6.5! Time just keeps on ticking.You are an amazing little girl and have changed so much in the last six months.

You are social to the core. You find new friends everywhere you go and kids are constantly coming up to you to say hello that know you from around town. You LOVE people but also enjoy your "lonely" time. 

We are very similar my friend and that can be challenging. 

You and Henry are best friends and you keep him on the straight and narrow for me. He adores you too and listens to you so well. You hold his hand and keep him safe every where we go. You dress him, get his ice-water and his snacks and tuck him into bed. It's really quite helpful!

You have some serious Leadership Skills (thank you Sheryl Sandberg) and are able to get an entire pool to play swim team with you. Or a gaggle of kids to play school at the park. 

You feel very deeply and often tell me the "bad" things you do before I even notice. You have a strong conscious and it keeps you up at night if you do something wrong. 

You love to read and are making tons of progress. It is so cool to see you develop into a strong reader right before my eyes. It makes me so proud! You are a super smart girl and are looking forward to beginning your year as a first grader. 

Summer has been so much fun with you. Lots of pool time, playdates and adventures around town. 

You love pink, Lilly Pulitzer, American Girl and all things sweet. You are messy, funny, wild about your family and friends, a big snacker and the best little swimmer I know. You love babies, you never stop talking, you are athletic and enjoy trying new things. Your moods change quickly, you love to cuddle, sing songs and explore new places. Your memory is amazing, you make connections in an unbelievable way, you always know the perfect thing to say and you love all things outside. You dream big and play harder. You are our best girl! 

It's an absolute joy to be your Mama! I love you Evie Claire. 

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  1. Hi Jennifer!

    Only 3 weeks left of summer break? WOW! Are the kids excited about going back to school or are they having too much fun this summer? Is Henry going to school this year? Jessica is starting "junior kindergarten" here -- she'll be gone full days, five days a week! I can't believe it. Luckily we still have about 7 weeks of break left.

    Teaching jobs are really scarce here. Steve graduated from Teacher's College last spring, but the Supply List hasn't even opened for application since then! I think Steve would enjoy being a supply teacher for now (part time, no after-hours work, etc), but so far there are zero jobs available.

    Will you be teaching this fall?

    p.s. HI EVIE! You are such a sweetie.


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