Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday, Henry!

Henry - the day is finally here! You are 4! I have been asking you for months if could please stay three forever but you told me that turning four is the rules! Earlier this week, you asked me if I could still cuddle you when you were 4. I'll cuddle you as long as you will let me!

I have loved this past year with you but know that year four is awesome too. You have changed so much. Last year, you wore diapers, slept in a crib and hated the pool. This year, you wear undies to sleep in your big boy bed and you love the pool.

You are such a HAPPY boy and so well-behaved. I am amazed at how compliant you are with most anything that I say. You tell me "sa wee" all day long and are quick to help me if I need it. You have a BIG heart for others and want to be a good friend. You are sensitive to what others say and think - you do not like being called "baby" by anyone but me. Apparently, that is a BIG insult for a preschooler.  You tell me that you are my baby but not my real baby just my Henry baby.  You still rock at bedtime and love for me to sing songs. You beg to sit next to me or on my lap and give loves of cuddles. I carry you around a lot still at home but you told me that I cannot carry you in front of your big boy friends.

You are still a Mama's boy and choose me most of the time. You love Daddy too but I am usually your first choice. I will cherish these days because I know they will not last. Soon enough, Daddy will  become your best friend but I sure love how you reach your soft little hand for me, break out into a huge grin every time you see me and cover me with hugs and kisses.

You love playing outside, helping in the kitchen, mowing the grass with Daddy, acting out scenarios with your Rescue Bots and of course your favorite friend is Evie. You love her deeply and play with her for hours every day. Of course, you argue and hit but within minutes you are happy again. You miss her when she is gone and greet her like a rock star when she comes home. Last week, you had a babysitter and you ended up in Evie's bed. Evie LOVED it but you like to sleep more than play at nighttime. It was sweet though to see you cuddled up next to your sister.

We are on the go a lot since you have a big sister. You have learned to adapt to hot swim meets, to wait patiently in car line and listen to Evie read lots of girl books.

You have plenty of friends too! Anderson, Matthew and Eddie are your favorites. We have lots of playdates at the pool, parks and our houses.

You still love hummus, drinking white milk and anything sweet. You are finally eating some meat - Daddy's grilled chicken and pork chops are your favorites. All meat is "chickens" to you.

You say lots of cute things but one of my favorites has to be the YMC Way instead of the YMCA. When you burp - you say "up scuse." Everything you say is in a real Southern twang -pillow is pee - low, milk is meee ilk and cookie is kookie.

Henry - we cannot imagine our life without you our sweetest boy! What a gift you are to our family. We love you so much and are beyond thankful that God gave us such a special little boy.

We love you to the moon and back.

Love, Mommy and Daddy


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