Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring Break Day 1 and 2

It's Spring Break week in Nashville! WOO HOO! It's been beautiful weather so far and most of our daylight hours have been spent enjoying the outdoors. Carl is home this week after traveling the last three weeks. It's nice to have him back for the next three weeks! Anyway, since he has been gone so much we decided to stay home this week and it has been wonderful.

Day 1 - On Monday, we slept in until 8:30 and then had a leisurely morning at home. Evie does some schoolwork every day and enjoys doing it. She writes in a journal, reads a few books, works on her computer program and does a few rounds of flashcards. After her school time, we played outside and had a picnic. Then headed to Green Hills to return Henry's bedding at West Elm.  Evie and Henry love an outdoor shopping center and this is a spectacular one. We walked around and window shopped a bit before indulging in a yummy treat at Sweet CeCe's. Henry did not want any toppings but Evie talked him into M&M's. She was baffled that I ate mine plain but after talking Henry into toppings she let me slide. Evie covers her ice-cream with toppings galore and eats every.single.bite! Both kids thought the parking meters were super cool and Evie was concerned we were going to get a ticket if we did not hurry back to our meter. My kids are such suburbanites but they sure loved the city life yesterday. After our adventure at the Hill Center, we headed to one of our favorite parks in the West End.  As usual, we were the only ones there which is always a treat! Evie and Henry had a ball playing and soaking up the sunshine. Our last stop was Phillip's Toy Mart in Belle Meade. It's our Easter tradition to see the bunnies. We lucked out yesterday and got to learn about the bunnies, pet the bunnies and watch them eat their lunch. The bunnies were the main attraction but we had fun playing with all the cool toys too. Henry picked out a few things he wants for his birthday in July. We came home and played outside a bit. I made some chicken enchiladas for dinner and we dined alfresco. It was a terrific first day of spring break!

Day 2- Everyone woke up a little earlier this morning. We met some friends from church at Liberty Park for playtime and a picnic. It was such a fun morning! Church friends are some of the best friends because they generally have the same beliefs and ideals on life and parenting.  We LOVE our small group from church and it was such a treat to see everyone this morning. We missed Libby and Emilee but trips to the Cayman's and new babies are excused absences. Henry loved the new baby, Bennett that joined our group with his mama, Taylor. The kids entertained themselves beautifully and the moms enjoyed lots of chit chat. Everyone enjoyed a picnic lunch together and then some more playtime. Both kids were soaking wet from playing in the fountain and sweating. What a glorious day - sunshine makes everyone happy. We stopped by Target on the way home to get Henry a few play clothes because he was down to one pair of spring pants. Then, it was time for some quiet time then they played together in the den. They play so well together but it involves a HUGE mess that Evie usually cleans up. Henry keeps his room clean but does not really like to straighten up the messes he makes with Evie probably because Evie is the ringleader with getting everything but the kitchen sink out to play with. Henry will clean up the messes that he makes by himself. We went outside to play some more and then went on a bike ride. Carl got home in time to enjoy some of the beautiful day and then grilled some dinner. We ate outside again which was so nice - there is no clean up and everyone enjoys eating in the great outdoors!

We are looking forward to another fabulous day tomorrow! 

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  1. Those days sound fabulous!! It's Spring Break here too (we call it March Break) and yesterday we tried to go for a walk in the woods, but it was so windy and cold!! The girls didn't last one minute before headed back to the car. We read books at the library instead which was still nice, but nothing like spending time outdoors! Enjoy the rest of your week!


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