Sunday, March 15, 2015

Henry's Big Boy Bed!

Friday night was a momentous night in our house - it was Henry's last night in his crib. 

Henry moved into his big boy bed this weekend! It happened similar to Evie that we did not really expect to do it quite this soon. We had been pricing mattresses and found some for a great deal because it was the end of season. Trust me this was just not any old mattress sale. If you need mattresses - head to Macy's towards the end of February! We got the last two twins in the store. 

Henry's mattresses have been siting in the guest bedroom for a week while I tried to find bedding for him. Now, that I looked back to read the post on Evie transitioning to a Big Girl bed -  I feel  a little better because his bedding is not here yet. Our first set arrived from West Elm and the color did not work with his curtain which I LOVE so back it will go this week to our local store. Next, I ordered the bedding from Land of Nod that coordinates with his curtain which makes me happy but it is not here yet. I am still waiting on pillows, bedskirts and more sheets. Changing beds is certainly a process! 

Henry helped Carl take down the crib yesterday and he was over the moon excited about his new beds. Henry climbed right into bed after his stories and was ready for bed. We tucked him into bed at 7:30 last night and he did not come out once or call us for at all. It was shocking! He fell out of the bed around 5:15 but went back to sleep right away and then woke up at 8:30. I'd call that a terrific first night in the bed!

Evie and Henry have had a ball playing in the beds. Two beds do not leave much room for play but I figure Henry will probably move to a double at some point. We wanted to use these twin beds because they were my grandmothers. None of the furniture sold today would last over sixty years!  It looks terrific in his room. We are waiting for Uncle Ben to get here to help Carl move the dresser upstairs. It is a beast! 

We are thrilled Henry is so happy and thrilled that another transition is complete. I shed some tears over this because my baby boy is growing up. Tonight, he asked me to rock him and sing him a song just like every other night of his life with the exception of last night. That made me feel better that Henry is still my little boy!

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