Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Trading the Snow Pants for Swimming Trunks

It has been a cold, snowy winter in Nashville! We are all ready for spring and all that it brings: flip-flops, ice cream, longer days and of course lazy days at the pool. 

All of this spring fever made me think it was time for Henry to learn to swim. He started lessons last week and has had two lessons so far because one was missed for snow.

Henry really likes the idea of being a swimmer. He wants to be like his sister and thinks he is on the swim team. Henry loves the process of putting on the suit and strapping on the googles. He is not a huge fan of being wet which is an impediment when it comes to learning to swim or even take a bath.

Henry has told everyone he has come in contact with throughout the last week that he is taking lessons. Sometimes he calls it swim team but at least he is excited!

Henry takes lessons at a pool used for training and it is COLD. That is definitely part of the problem but also something he is going to have to work through. He is the youngest person in his class at age 3. There is also a 4 year old girl and a 5 year old boy. Henry is doing just as well as the older kids. I know he can do it!

Both lessons have involved a few tears but that is to be expected. Learning to swim is scary and exhilarating. Henry loves the actual swimming but does not like standing in the cold water on the platform. Evie went with us today since she was out with strep. Henry loved having his sister at his lessons. She is his biggest cheerleader and definitely encouraged him. Evie loved being a part of it!

I am hopeful this process will be shorter than it was the last time we did this. It's less stressful to be this time because 1. I know it can be a long process. 2. Crying does not phase me anymore. 3. It is much easier to take Henry to lessons than to take Evie plus keep up with Henry. 4. Everyone has to learn to swim so we will keeping working on it for as long as it takes. 

 I think it will be a shorter duration because Henry has spent a lot more time in the pool than Evie had before she started lessons. Sometimes being the littler brother has some advantages. Evie is an excellent swimmer so all the hours at the pool have paid off for our little fish. 

People ask me all the time how Evie learned to swim so well. Practice and more practice plus being in the pool at least three times a week all summer. That's all it takes - swimming lessons and swim team help with technique but the real learning happens in the pool just like with anything else. Plus, she LOVES swimming. She told Henry he needed to learn to swim "because all the fun happens in the water."

Henry is excited to learn and wants to pass the swim test like his sister! Big Sis makes it look easy and fun. Fingers crossed this goes well!

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