Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Break: Day 3 and 4

Spring break is still going strong. Here is our Day 3 and 4.

Day 3: On Wednesday, we met some neighbors at the zoo. Evie and Ryla are in kindergarten together. Henry and Raina will go to kindergarten together in a few years. It was a super fun morning at the zoo but lots chillier than we expected. Some days those meteorologists just get the weather completely wrong. It was supposed to be a high of 60 but it never got over 49. BRRR! That's cold when it is cloudy and damp outside. We basically had the zoo to ourselves which is always nice. Everyone wanted to start with a carousel ride and we had our own personal ride with just the four kiddos. Henry always rides the dolphin and Evie always rides the ostrich. We visited the elephants and were amazed at how close they got to us. Elephants are such beautiful animals! It is amazing to see the intricate details up close and realize the depth of beauty God created for us. I could watch the elephants all day! We toured around a bit more and then ate a picnic lunch. All the kids were so cold at this point that we hit the road after a cotton candy detour. Thank goodness for zoo memberships because we were only there two hours. On the way home, we stopped at Target to get a few things for Henry's room. He is doing so well in his new bed! We are so proud of him. Henry is quite proud of himself too and is telling everyone he comes across that he floats like a log and sleeps in a big boy bed! We came home and did a few things around the house. Then, we watched Matilda together. It was nice to sit and rest a bit after a busy morning. Sometimes I forget Henry is just three years old but he sure can hang with his sister. After a little rest, we headed outside to play a bit since the sun had come out. Carl had a dinner meeting so we were on our own for dinner and bedtime.

Day 4: Thursday is a swim day so we headed to the pool for lessons. Henry has made remarkable improvements in just one week! He is floating on his back, diving off the side of the pool and streamlining short distances in the pool. We are so proud of our little swimmer! Ms. Dawn is a miracle worker! During Henry's lesson, I was noticing Evie getting redder and redder. My friend noticed it too so I called the pediatrician. They told me to bring her in since the rash was spreading so fast and she had a tiny fever. It was a reaction to her antibiotic which was amoxicillin. Poor Evie was covered with the itchy rash but she is doing a bit better now! Then, we headed to the airport to pick up our favorite neighbors! Evie and Henry were thrilled to see Campbell and Christian. It was super fun to pick them up and catch up on the way home. We came home starving for lunch. Evie has become such an adventurous eater lately. She devoured a chicken enchilada at lunch and ate caesar salad at dinner. Henry's new bedding arrived so we spent the afternoon getting his bed ready and then made some chocolate chip cookies. Carl came home and took the kids outside while I made dinner. We straightened up a bit after dinner because we have some special guests on the way: Uncle Ben and Mary Devon. My kids are so excited to see them. Evie has been counting down for days. "Is Uncle Ben coming today?" So, Day 5 is surely going to be a fun day with our special visitors.  Stay tuned for our last day of spring break. I will miss the kids next week when they are back in school but I must say this week has been exhausting.  It's been fun having lots of time together though and I feel so fortunate to have spent spring break with Evie and Henry!

PS: Evie is sleeping in Henry's room tonight and she put him to bed all by herself! I loved hearing them whisper as they went to sleep. They have a strong bond that even strangers comment on and I sure hope that bond continues to grow. 

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