Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Big Girl Bed Transition!

I have been planning to move Evie to a "Big Girl" bed for quite some time. It just never seemed like the right time especially when Henry was up so much at night and everyone has been sick. About two weeks ago, I just decided to do it without any real planning - this is big for me! That day, I went to buy Evie a mattress and Carl went to pick it up. Evie went down for her last nap in her crib. I'll admit that I was a little teary because it seems like she is growing so fast lately. She's such a big girl and must be more comfortable in her bed. I had heard lots of stories about kids developing horrible sleep habits during this transition. That's what kept me from making the switch! We laid down the law with Evie that she needs to sleep in her bed and that she is not supposed to get out. So far, it's working! Evie is still napping for two to three hours and sleeps through the night. She has not gotten out of that bed once which surprises me so much.

We expected the first night to be rough because she also gave up her Sassy. I went in there five times for her various needs and requests but she's been fine since that night. I reminded her to tell Carl thank you for her bed and she said, "I'll tell him in the morning after I make sure it's cozy."

Luckily, she decided that it was cozy! Now, I just need to figure out if I am going to paint the bed or use an upholstered headboard. Then, we need sheets and a bedspread for her new bed. Maybe, I can get this done soon but probably not because it takes me forever to finish anything these days.

I've found that the big transitions seem to go so much easier when I wait until it works for our family. Without worrying what other people think or do for their kids. I mentioned to someone that Evie had just moved into a big girl bed and she was shocked. "You mean to tell me that she was in a crib this time last week."

Evie seems so much more grown-up and I just cannot believe that my little girl is sleeping in a bed. It still surprises me to walk in her room and see a bed. Evie still sleeps with her Raffi and added a few other additions such as her Belle doll and a stuffed dog. I love putting her to bed and snuggling with her while I read her books. I do miss rocking her but the rocker is still in her room. Carl took it out and Evie did not approve of that decision so we promptly put in back in her room. She let us know that was her chair and it lived in her room.

Transitions are not always as hard as you think they might be!


  1. So glad it's gone well! Can't wait to see Evie's big girl room. I asked Avery the other night if she was ready to sleep in her bed and she said that she'd stay in her crib. We did put the rocker in Sam's room when we moved, and she missed it. Reading on the bed instead of rocking was much harder on Mama though!

  2. i'm so glad evie did so well!! we are close to making the transition, too. we're planning on getting libbi all her "big girl bed" stuff for her bday in june. she's ready, though. when we stayed with my parents a few wks ago while jeffrey was out of town for a week, libbi slept in a big bed the entire time and did wonderfully.
    i'm still nervous, though.
    and i TOTALLY agree with seems like lately libbi has been growing and maturing so fast. makes me so sad :(

  3. Go Evie!!! Such good advice for things when they feel right for your kids. Don't try and listen to what others are saying or doing. Thanks for reminding me!!

  4. I'm glad the transition went so well for Evie! I agree that big transitions are easier when you wait until your child is ready! I've found that usually transitions are much harder on me than they are on the kids :)

  5. I'm glad it went well. Evie sure does look cozy in her new bed.

  6. Isn't it funny, because I was thinking to myself...WoW Evie is ALREADY in a big girl bed??? I can't imagine how hard that must have been for you to decide. I'm so glad to hear it went well and agree that you must do what is right for your family. So adorable that she wanted to check it's coziness before thanking Carl! too cute!


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