Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hatcher Family Dairy

We made our annual visit to Hatcher Family Dairy last Thursday with our MOMS club. It was a HOT day! Evie had a ball running around with all the kids and Henry enjoyed the view from the stroller. He skipped his nap and was just fine probably because we were outside. I love seeing how Evie gets more out of the tour each year. She was really impressed with the farmer milking the cow by hand. Evie announced that she does not have milk in her udders. At least, she learned the word udders at the farm. We met a calf that was only three days old. So sweet! Dairy cows eat 100 pounds of food in a day. That seems like so much! Best fact that I learned is that cows get to go on sabbatical for the last two months of pregnancy to prepare for the tough early days of motherhood! Too bad, human mothers are unable to take a sabbatical.

Evie and I sampled some delicious chocolate milk and Henry sampled some whole milk. He is doing great with cows milk from a sippy. I give him some every few days and there's not much better than fresh milk from a dairy farm.

Best part about a morning at the farm is nap time! Both Henry and Evie slept for over two hours at the same time, that does not happen often so I took full advantage of it to get some things accomplished around the house.

Check out  the link to last year's Hatcher trip. Evie sure has grown!

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  1. Love Miss Evie's outfit! Can you tell me the brand?


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