Thursday, May 10, 2012

School's out for Summer!

First Day of School - August 26, 2011

Last Day of School - May 10, 2012
Evie had her last day of school today! It seems like school just started but it's May. Schools gets out early in Tennessee. Evie sure has changed since the beginning of the school year. She's a whole new person. Looking back, she was such a baby and now she is a big girl!

Miss Molly and Evie

Miss Jen and Evie
She proudly took her teachers little gifts this morning. Carl and I could not have asked for better teachers for Evie. One teacher was a little more firm and the other was more nurturing which was the perfect balance for Evie. We are amazed at all that Evie has learned this year.

I decided to capture some of Evie's thoughts on this special day with a little interview.

What was your favorite part about school?

Singing. I like singing - Twinkle Twinkle and Knickerbocker are my favorite. Playing in the sandbox making castles is fun too.

Who are your best friends?

Vivi, Molly and Caroline because they big girls like me. They my friends!

Tell me about lunchtime.

We eat. I eat turkey and fruit. Sometime we have a picnic. Some people bring bags of food but I bring a box. Maybe you give me bags next year, Mama.

Did you take a nap at school?

Not now, I did last year but I take my shoes off now.

Tell me about your teachers.

Ms. Molly and Ms. Jen. They eat their lunch when we take our sleep.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Ummm . . . a ballerina

Anything else?

After school, we go to our mommies because they miss us. They pick us up and we go home.

NOTES: Mommy will miss school so much but I am looking forward to having more time to see our friends and hang out at home.


  1. oh so cute! She looks like such a big girl! =)

  2. Love the sweet interview! She's grown so much I can't believe it:)

  3. jennifer!!! i can NOT believe how much she's grown!!! it makes me not even want to look back at libbi's first day picture - i don't know if i can handle it! :(
    laney turns one tomorrow, libbi finishes school next week....i am a wreck! :)
    evie is precious as always, and it is amazing to see how she really has gone from the "baby" look to the "big girl" look. sweet, sweet girl!

  4. Wow...she has grown so much just in those few months! She is so beautiful! I love the interview too, that's a great idea for her to be able to look back and see what she said! So cute!


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