Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Earning her Keep!

Evie is working hard at keeping our floors clean with her pink rag and spray bottle. It's so funny to hear her tell Henry to be careful with his food as it falls to the floor. I hear " Hennnnnn ry" every time a crumb falls. She's just not sure why he does not listen; "He not listen, Mama. I already told him that." Too bad, she lost interest in cleaning after just a few minutes. She sure looked cute though!


  1. This is just precious. I love Evie's hair cut...so cute.

  2. Looks like she has her laundry going too! Do you hire her our?!? :-) Lindsey is such a big helper for Allison. It's fun to watch her put her dishes in the dishwasher and shut the door! I'll be putting her to work next weekend when she visits! Throwing things in the dryer is her expertise!


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