Sunday, May 27, 2012

Week in Review!

It was quite the adjustment this week recovering from our trip to the beach and getting everyone back on Central Time. Evie and Henry were both waking up mighty early at the beginning of the week. It took a few days but we are back on track. Henry

MONDAY: We traveled back to Nashville.

TUESDAY: Carl went back to work and I stayed home with the kids trying to get back into our routine. I was a bit overwhlemed by everything that needed to be done so we just made cookies instead. We went for a walk when Carl got home. Courtney and I went to wine night at a friends house at 9:00. We were laughing about how we had not left that late in years. It's always nice to get out for some adult conversation.

WEDNESDAY: Morning came early since I did not get to bed until after midnight. Then, Henry woke up around 2, that was night two of sleep training round three so I just had to listen to it. Poor little guy!  We stayed home all day and did some cleaning and organzing. Carl had a work dinner and we ate chicken tacos from the crock-pot. I was in bed before 9 and that always feels great.

THURSDAY: We went to Hatcher Dairy Farm that morning and I got some things done during nap. We played outside with our boys and then came inside for baths and bedtime. I went to run a few errands after Henry was asleep. Summer is fun but I sure miss having time to get things done while Evie enjoys time at school.

FRIDAY: Henry napped for a LONG time and I was able to finish up all the laundry and put away all the beach stuff. We headed out to join the YMCA. I plan to take the kids to the pool a lot and it will be a nice way to break up our days this summer too. We did a grocery pick-up on the way home and then it was naptime. Evie slept for nearly 4 hours! She has just been exhausted from the beach. I woke her up at 4:30 and then we all went to the pool. Henry thought it was a little cold but he got used to it. Evie had so much fun! Carl and I love that it tires the kids out so much. Evie stayed up later than normal and we ate dinner outside then tried to catch some lightning bugs. We enjoyed some ice-cream before bed and then hit the hay as soon as Evie was asleep.

SATURDAY: Carl trimmed some trees and bushes which makes me extremely nervous to see him dangling off the ladder. He loves yard work! After naptime, we went back to the pool and then put the kids to bed. Carl grilled some pork for dinner and we enjoyed a nice quiet evening at home.

SUNDAY: Both kids woke up at 6:30 on the dot. We decided to try early church but right as the sermon was beginning the nursery workers paged me. Henry was not happy! Poor little guy was not happy at all. I tried to take him into church with me but that did not work either. He needed a nap so we just came home. Henry fell asleep in the car so we stopped at McDonald's for some breakfast and ate it in the drivway since Henry was sleeping in the car. We played outside with The C's. Think Henry loves Christian or what? It's so sweet to see Henry enthralled with Christian. We came in dripping with sweat. It's already in the 90's and so steamy. Carl worked in the yard and I made some oatmeal chocolate chip bars off Pinterest that were pretty good. We went to swim with some friends at their neighborhood pool. Our kids came home exhausted and ready for bed. Carl went to pick up Ben from the airport. I told Evie that Uncle Ben was coming and she said that's Ben - not Uncle Ben. I reminded her that he is her Uncle Ben and she said, " I know that."


  1. Aw I love the pictures! Christian loves him too, I think it's so precious:)

  2. I love the pictures of them, and their outfits, so cute!


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