Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Evie goes to School!

My big girl ready for school!

So excited! I decided she needed her name on her shirt because there is an Ivey, a Vivi and Evie all in one class. That's a lot of names that sound similar for those teachers to keep up with.

Could she be any cuter?
Taking a break to check out the airplane overhead!

She looks so old to me but next year when I look at these pictures . . . she will look so young!
It's all about perspective.

And she's off . . . ready to hop in the van for the first day of school!

She was telling her brother good-bye which was the sweetest thing ever!
"Bye-Bye Henry. Evie go to school. I miss you. I'll be right back. I love you Henry!"

Sursey's for the Teachers: ABC's of teaching . . . apples, bananas and chocolate!

Snapping pictures at school and Evie was clearly ready to go inside at this point.
She was trying so hard to be a big girl and do everything the other kids were doing including wearing her own backpack! Next week, she stays until 2 so she has to use her new backpack that is much bigger.

Picture time was over but Mommy could not resist a quick shot!
Evie was so "cited" to go to school this morning. She kept asking me if we could go and just stood by the door hoping that'd I would hurry it up. I was expecting to be running around like crazy getting us all out the door by 9 but miraculously we were all ready by 8:30! That gave us plenty of time for pictures, last minute instructions and saying goodbye to brother.

I took the long way to school this morning since we were early. It takes about 5 minutes that way instead of 3 minutes. Evie was a bit confused and asked me "Where my school go, Mommy?" We have been pointing it out to her at every opportunity for the last few months in anticipation of today.

Evie seemed like such a big girl this morning in her new apple shirt and jean skirt. It was surreal to be on the other side of the school experience this time as a parent instead of a teacher. Evie has been well-prepared for her first day with lots of back to school books, talks about how things work at school and even a few videos about going to school. It could not have gone smoother. We waited in the lobby for the doors to open and Evie could hardly contain herself. Evie took her teachers a little sursey to help their day get off to a good start! That made Evie so proud and helped her have something to focus on instead of me leaving.

Evie burst into the classroom to see her teachers and gave Miss Molly a hug right off the bat. She put her backpack in her little cubbie and gave me a kiss good-bye. It was as easy as that! I went to a Meet and Greet in the lobby to learn more about helping out the school! Somehow, I ended up on two committees already including teacher appreciation which could not be more dearer to my heart! Teachers work so hard and make a HUGE impact on our world. I am more than happy to recognize their hard work especially with my sweet Evie.

Henry and I ran a few errands and met a friend for coffee to plan a community service project that I am helping to put together for my MOMS club. I will stay busy with Henry but it sure was easier to have one kid for the day. Of course, I missed Evie!

We went back to school at noon for a family picnic. It was so fun to meet some of the other families in Evie's class. There are 7 girls and 1 boy in her class. Don't you feel sorry for that poor boy! I loved peeking in the classroom to see Evie before she saw me. She was dancing and singing a song with the rest of her class.

We all went outside to eat lunch and found out that one of the little girls Vivi was in Evie's class last year at Promiseland. I really liked her mom a lot and Vivi likes pink just as much as Evie. Another family, just moved here from Raleigh, we used to live there too so that was a fun conversation.

Evie's teachers came over and took our picture for the bulletin board. Henry was sleeping in his sling but he made the picture. Miss Molly and Miss Jen were so thrilled with the first day because they were shocked that no one cried. That's especially impressive for a group of two year old kids. Miss Molly told me that Evie had a vivid imagination! One of her little anecdotes made me laugh. They were playing together on a car outside. Miss Molly made a comment about the fire engine going really fast and Evie looked at her quite seriously to let her know that it was not moving! That's my Evie.

Evie chatted all the way home about school. She said," Evie had fun. Evie played. Evie proud and Evie not scared." Way to go, Evie! Here's to many more years of learning new things, making friends and experiencing the great big world that we all live in together.


  1. I love her little apple shirt, it's too cute!! Looks like it was a fabulous first day, way to go Evie!

  2. What a big day! It makes me sad just to think about it, but it sounds like Evie is a pro. I love her apple shirt. I can't wait to hear how her year progresses as we start to think about school for next year.

  3. Wow! Yes, Evie is so cute in her new apple shirt. She is an absolute doll. It sounded like a big day for you and Evie. I'm glad it went so well.


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