Tuesday, August 2, 2011

4 Weeks!

Henry is 4 weeks old! Time sure flies when you are having fun . . . or not getting any sleep. Henry is a really great sleeper to be so little but I do not function well without sleep. It's starting to catch up with me too. Henry goes to sleep about 9:30 and wakes up about 1 and then again between 5 and 6. Not bad at all for a newborn. Our best days are when Evie sleeps until 8:30 and Henry sleeps to 9:30!

   Henry is the cutest little thing and we just love having a baby in the house again. Evie likes him most of the time although yesterday she smeared some yogurt in his hair. OOPS! She wasn't trying to be mean just trying to get some attention! Too bad there are not two of me because that is what we need. Evie really wants me to do everything which is not always possible. Preschool starts in less than a month which is going to make her so happy.

  We are all adjusting well to life as a family of 4. It's been interesting to see that the things that I worried about are not the things that are difficult. Hands down the hardest part is not having enough sleep and having another child to take care of every day. We have a routine down but it's time to try to venture out of the house soon.


  1. love that last picture! so sweet!! and, i just have to tell you that i LOVE the name henry. i have never known another one, and every time i read a post of yours and see pictures of that sweet little guy, i just think that "henry" fits him so perfectly! :)

  2. Four weeks already? Time does fly! Love his cute birth announcment that has taken up residence on our fridge!

  3. What a SWEET picture of Henry and Carl! You can just tell how much Carl loves his little guy!


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