Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Evie and her Boys!

Water makes everything fun until Evie sprays my cell phone and thank you notes. OOPS!

Painting the house! They came up with this idea on their own and it entertained them beautifully.

Markers provide lots of fun and the mess stays outside! Evie loves her "BIG" paper as she calls it.
 Evie was thrilled to hear that her boys were coming over this morning to play. She cooperated quite well with our morning routine which made it so much easier for me. Mornings are our craziest times and usually involve at least one person crying or screaming. Some days it is all three of us. Evie told me that she was so excited her boys were coming. They had a great time playing outside and got along quite well for the most part. It was so nice sitting outside enjoying the gorgeous day with our glass bottled coke. Evie gave both boys a hug and a kiss goodbye! I am looking forward to lots more fun days with our boys and their Mommy. They were not even out of the driveway and Evie was asking if they could come back tomorrow! 

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