Friday, August 12, 2011

Worn Out!

We are worn out! It's not Henry - it's Evie that is wearing us out. She is having a bit of a spell right now. Let's hope it passes soon because disciplining her all day is exhausting. I am so happy that it's the weekend. Carl and I both need to catch up on some sleep.

Both kids napped for 1.5 hours of the same time this afternoon so that meant nap time for me. Usually, one wakes up pretty soon after the other goes down.

Evie is still having fun with her Uncle Ben. He said he handles Evie best in small doses. She is a handful this week especially and has learned when she can get away with things. Opportunities are abundant as I spend the day changing diapers and feeding babies. Evie is one smart girl! After I put her in the crib, she said, "Goodnight Mommy" with her sweet little voice. That makes the long days with her worth it. Henry is just the best baby. He is mostly sleeping and eating still with an occasional fussy period especially in the evening. I sure am glad we started with Evie and not Henry!

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  1. henry looks like he is really filling out! so precious!
    i agree....libbi is my difficult one - laney is a breeze - haha!
    and nothing makes me feel more accomplished right now than getting both babies down for a nap at the same time! :)


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