Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up!

Evie destroying her brother's closet - one of her favorite activities.

Sweet Boy!

Henry loves his Daddy!

Evie and her Daddy reading her Highlight's magazine from Aunt Libby.
We had a super low-key weekend. It was our first weekend without guests since Henry was born so it was nice to just hang out together. We love guests too but it is always wonderful to hang out with my sweet family with no agenda.

Saturday morning started off on the right foot with Evie sleeping until 7:30 and Henry slept until 8:45. He is such an easy baby now that I figured him out. We took off for the Farmer's Market. You would have thought we were going to Disney World . . . Evie was just so excited. She loves eating cinnamon doughnuts and drinking basil lemonade while checking out the scenery. There are lots of dogs, babies and people for her to see.

We came home and enjoyed a delicious dairy-free lunch from a nice lady at our church. I am so impressed that everyone is willing to cook dairy-free for me and that it is so tasty. She prepared Dijon chicken, roasted veggies, wheat rolls and my favorite pies from the farmer's market. Those pies were seriously unbelievable! My favorite was the chocolate banana peanut butter pie. If you are local, these pies are sold at the Woodbine Farmer's Market. I am not even sure where that it is but I will be learning real quick.

Evie and I ran some errands after her nap. We went to Whole Foods to get some dairy-free items for me and some mango for Evie. She loves those "mangos" so much and eats them up fast. Then, we stopped in to get her a haircut. She did fantastic and sat on a booster this time. Lollipops really help make it much more fun.

Henry sleeps so much so it still feels like we have just one child most of the time. We all headed outside for a bit. Mary brought us takeout from our favorite Thai place for dinner. YUMMY! We are so grateful and appreciative for all of these magnificent dinners.

We did nothing today! Evie got in lots of playtime and Carl made delicious okra soup. I took a nap which helps me feel so much better. Henry only wakes up once a night but it's so hard to settle back to sleep after I feed him.

Hope you had a fun weekend!

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