Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Horton's Come to Town!

We had a wonderful visit with our sweet friends the Horton's. They drove all the way from South Carolina to see us and to meet Henry. Lindsay is a special friend. She waited at the hospital with our families for a LONG time waiting for Evie to be born. Now, she drove to Nashville to see us. It meant so much to us. Evie had a blast with their son, James! It was so fun to see them playing together. Mac kept Evie and James entertained so Lindsay and I could chat. He read books, invented games, made masks and did whatever he was instructed to do by Evie. Lindsay is going to owe him BIG time for this trip. They were both so helpful with cleaning up, helping with kids and they even brought me my beloved Chick fil A for lunch. We literally did not leave the house since it's three million degrees and Henry eats constantly. They came to visit us every morning and evening. We worked our visits around nap time. Oh, how things have changed since the early days of our friendship in college.

James loved Henry! He kissed him and kissed him and kissed him some more. It was so sweet. Lindsay asked him if he wanted a baby and he said, "No ma'am!" That cracked us up.

    Our dinner table seemed so empty without our friends tonight! Thanks so much Lindsay and Mac for coming to visit!

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  1. Poor Henry...he looks terrified that James was kissing on him so much! James thinks Henry is ready to play since he tried to give Henry "high fives." HAHA!


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