Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up!

Poppy and She She with Henry.

Evie loves feeding Henry his bottle with a little help!

Carl and his Dad put our new stroller together. Our stroller collection is growing by leaps and bounds.

Henry is very happy in his pouch! We have a few these and they are a lifesaver when his belly hurts.

Carl and his Dad saw this hawk in our yard!

Evie loves her new outfit from her boys and their parents! It's so cute on her.

Evie really thought she looked cute!
It was a rainy yet nice weekend. Carl's parents came to visit. They loved seeing their grandchildren and we all had a great time together. Henry slept really well the first two nights they were here so that made it even better. I was exhausted last week but felt better after two good nights of sleep.
Carl and his parents took Evie to the Farmer's Market on Saturday and then they went to the toy store after nap with a side trip to get ice cream. Evie had so much fun although she had more ice cream on her than in her from the looks of her clothing.

  Henry and I stayed put since it's still so hot. He is a sweet, cuddly baby so it's always nice to have a little time with him by myself. Our friend brought us dinner and we had a nice visit.

   On Sunday, Carl and his Dad mowed the grass. Evie had a little picnic outside and helped She She shuck some corn for dinner. Evie and I had our own little adventure after nap time. We went to Sonic to get a drink, Michael's for project supplies, to try on my new contacts and the park. Evie was thrilled to be out and about with just her Mommy. I had fun too and it seemed to easy to just have Evie with me.

   Weekends go by too quickly! Gotta run - it's lunchtime for Henry.


  1. JIN- You look amazing for only having Henry 1 month ago! Hope all of you are doing well!

  2. so glad to see you being so honest about life with two yet still inspiring!!! PS-which double is that? I'm currently obsessed with double stroller research!


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