Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Meeting the Teachers!

Evie has been reading and re-reading the letter from her teachers at preschool. She was thrilled to learn that she got to finally meet them today. Our scheduled time was 12:30 so we left the house early to swing by Chick Fil A and then had a little picnic at the nature area on the property of the school. Evie was so much fun during our picnic. I love all of my special times with my big girl. Henry slept through our picnic but he has lots of picnics in his future. Evie was a little nervous when I told her it was time to go in to meet Miss Molly and Miss Jen until I reminded her that I was going with her.

  We met Miss Molly first and she was super sweet! She told me that Evie was very verbal and that she could see why Evie still naps for three hours a day. Evie played an extended game of peek-a-boo during our meeting. I answered lots of questions about Evie but my mind went blank when it was my turn for questions. Miss Molly has taught at the school the entire twelve years that it has been open. She was a SAHM and her daughter is now a junior in high school. Images of Evie as a high-schooler quickly flashed through my mind. It made me a little teary to think that might be me one day telling some young mom about my Evie being a junior in high school and that these preschool years are the best ones of her life.  I am super excited about Evie going to school and know that she will really soak it all in. It's a long day for a little one. Preschool in our area lasts until 2 which seems so late but that's just the way they do it here in our community.

Miss Jen came in next to meet us. She seemed a bit frazzled which is totally understandable at the beginning of the school year. Evie kept calling her Jen so we will be working on the Miss part. Miss Jen took Evie off to see the classroom. Evie was perfectly happy to walk off with her and even held her hand. I gathered all of the paperwork and talked to Molly for a minute then headed down to the classroom. It did not surprise me at all that Evie had already made herself at home in the kitchen center. She was quite concerned that the phone was missing from it's place on the refrigerator.

   Evie just HAD to wash her hands with the pink soap before we left. Hand washing is one of their skills for September so maybe the teachers were impressed with Evie's sudden interest in washing her hands for an excessive period of time. We made it out of the room without any meltdowns which was amazing since it was nap time and Evie wanted to make a beeline for the playground. Preschool starts next week!


  1. What a big milestone and exciting time. I can't wait to hear about all of her adventures since this will more than likely be us next year. Thanks for the shoe tips. Stride Rite is usually my main store, but their tennis shoe selection was terrible. Babysitter shoes tend to end up a mess from playing hard so I hate to spend a ton, but I'm like you and think their little feet need something good on them. Avery puts a lot of miles on her shoes!

  2. wow, 2 o'clock is a long day...but think of all you'll be able to get done! :)
    evie looks precious in her dress....like a sweet little preschooler. libbi doesn't start school until after labor day. we go next week to "meet the teacher" but she has her same teacher from last year, so i guess we'll just be going to say hi again. and making it out without any meltdowns (especially during naptime) is amazing! way to go!! i can't wait to hear how evie likes school and i'm sure she will be learning SO much!


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