Thursday, August 4, 2011

Henry's Announcement!

We couldn't be more pleased with our precious announcement that Sweet Birdie's Nest created for us to send out to all our friends and family. I love having a little boy and know that he will not always share my same taste in colors or patterns. Our photographer was super amazing as I have already mentioned and rushed our order a bit for us. My goal was to have our announcements out before he was 1 month and that's tomorrow. I am excited to frame it and hang it in his room. Although, I still have not framed Evie's! Maybe one day.


  1. What a great announcement! I hope to use them soon for something. Although, with two sweet children, of course it will be cute.

  2. Precious. I love both pictures! Hanging it in his room is a great idea. I may have to borrow that.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Jennifer! We loved creating Henry's birth announcements for your family.


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