Monday, August 8, 2011

Matching Monday!

Evie reading her babies a book beside her "own" Mose's Basket."

Henry has to sit up for thirty minutes after he eats. Not sure he got the memo.

One Month!

Playing together!

Kisses for Henry!

Tummy time!
We had a fun day at home! Evie is really into sorting objects by color and practicing her letters so we spent a large portion of our day doing just that. It's so fun to see Evie get so excited about learning! We painted pink pictures too. Evie was perfectly happy to just paint with pink paint which means less mess for me to clean up later. She made some gorgeous paintings that we promplty hung on the fridge.

Hnery is doing much better with his reflux. He slept most of the day which is what he should be doing at his age. He slept for more than two hours in his Mose's Basket so I know he is feeling much better.

Carl got home and took Evie outside to play for a bit then we had some spagehetti for dinner. Then, a bit of playtime before bedtime for Evie! Hope you had a great Monday.


  1. I love Evie reading to her babies. They used to make a basket for Bitty Baby, and I want to get one for Avery, mainly because I wanted one as a girl. I hope the reflux issues are better soon. We treated Avery for silent reflux with medicine and rice cereal until 6 months. Things were rough during the day until 11 weeks. Praying that Henry is finding some relief.

  2. Cute pictures! I love Evie reading to her babies and using her moses basket. libbi would much rather sit in it herself than let her babies sit in it (same for the highchair, stroller, etc, etc, etc) :)
    the name of the band we used is "happi tummi" - let me know if you find it! we got it from "buy buy baby" (not sure if you have one of those?)
    i think henry looks a lot like you in these pics!!


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