Monday, August 22, 2011

Pump it Up!

"That's fun, Mama. Evie do it again"

Do I really want to go down this slide?

Climbing the wall is hard work!

Evie and tractor before going to time-out for not getting dressed. Making brownies involves a change of clothes!

Henry snoozing in his swing.
We all ventured out this morning to Pump it Up! It went surprisingly well with only a few tears. Evie kept telling me how excited she was all the way there and that it was a special day. She is such a sweet girl! Her excitement makes it so fun to take her on outings. It's a lot harder to maneuver in and out of those type of places with two. I am used to just popping Evie out of her seat and running in somewhere real quick. It's not so quick anymore. I have to get out the stroller, pop Henry in and then get Evie. Henry is a doll and just sleeps through most of our adventures. He did wake up for a few minutes to check out Pump it Up. I am pretty sure that he thought it was pretty cool just like his sister. A few months really changes things, Evie was not impressed on her last visit to Pump it Up!

My favorite part about Pump it Up: extra long naps for both kids! That is totally worth Evie's $8 admission price.

After nap, we made brownies. Duncan Hines makes all their mixes dairy-free so they are safe for me to eat. Thank you Duncan Hines although I am sure they choose dairy-free as a cost cutting measure rather than a kind gesture towards allergies.

Evie has decided that it is not fun to put clothes on and it's a major ordeal to get her clothes on. I am done with chasing with her around so I raised my voice at her today. She told me not to scream and that she was a nice girl.  Oh dear! She did get her clothes on so we could go for a family walk. Evie keeps us on our toes.

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  1. oh my gosh, I'm dying over Evie's comments. Molly hates to get dressed, too and it's such an ordeal Ugh!


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