Sunday, August 14, 2011


We had a lazy day at home but it was so nice to stay put. Carl and Evie let me sleep late while they went to get biscuits for everyone for breakfast. We all hung out this morning before Ben left. Evie still thinks Nana is at the airport but Ben is already home. It's interesting to see how her brain is working. We sure miss Ben. It was fun having him here and we are go glad he got to meet Henry. Ben installed two new faucets for us in our bathrooms which look so much better! He also fixed two doors that needed to be sanded down a bit.

Henry slept while we all went outside to help Carl put together his sweeper for the lawn mower. Evie was quite the helper! She loves any type of project and this was right up her ally. Carl may have not enjoyed her help quite so much because it was so complicated. They figured it out and it made the lawn look fantastic.

Everyone took naps while Carl mowed and then Evie and I went to Publix. I love having my Evie time on the weekends and it just seems so easy to have just her. She has really grown up since Henry has been born and I can see her maturing before my eyes. Of course, we still have lots of tantrums but that is part of being a toddler.

We hung out with The C's late this afternoon enjoying the gorgeous weather! It has been the most beautiful day. I love this kind of weather. Evie had a blast with her boys. She told me on our Publix trip that she was going to marry her boys. So sweet! Evie went to bed and we enjoyed a nice healthy dinner of salmon and salad. I needed something nutritious after my sugar binge this afternoon.

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