Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up!

Evie and her leaf! She carried her leaf for the longest time.

Evie really did enjoy the hike although this picture does not indicate that feeling.

All smiles on her swing!

Evie kept saying, "Go, Evie, go! Higher!"

So thankful for this sweet, calm, content baby!

Such a precious picture of our children!

Evie loves her brother so much and the feeling is mutual!

"Clap your hands, Henry. Like this. Evie show you."

Henry looking handsome in his new suit from Nana and Ipop.

Henry is not so sure about this early morning photo shoot.

Trying to get a picture of all three of us is nearly impossible!

Henry was ready for naptime!
It's been a gorgeous, fun weekend but we are exhausted! Evie is waking up bright and early these days which is hard on her tired parents.

We took a family hike at Radnor Lake on Saturday morning. Carl wore Henry in the Baby Bjorn and Evie walked with me. She had to be picked up a few times because she thought people were trying to get her. Can we say dramatic? After our hike, we rode around Nashville for a bit because we tend to stay in our neck of the woods. It was fun to see some other parts of the area. Evie and Carl stopped in Home Depot to get a few things while I helped Henry recover from his almost blow-out diaper. Poor thing was not too happy! We hit the Chick fil A drive-thru and came home for a quick lunch. Evie was so thrilled to try out her new big girl swing! It makes me a bit nervous but she has only fallen once. She even jumped out to show off her leaping abilities. Evie spends a lot of time imitating birds and this seems to be another one of her bird games.

Thank goodness for nap time! I took a nap too. Henry is still only waking once in the night but these 6AM wake up calls coupled with Evie waking up right when I finish feeding him make for a tired Mommy.

We had a nice afternoon outside enjoying the gorgeous weather and watching Evie swing some more. She is so joyful and full of life! We made some salmon for dinner and relaxed the rest of the night.

Everyone was up before 7 this morning so we decided that we might as well go to early church. Carl and I just decided several days ago that we were going to begin attending the 10:30 service. Evie was so excited to be back in her class and we took Henry with us. Carl said he was sweating and having chest pains and it was a bit difficult to focus on the service. Henry will try out the nursery next week. He did great but you just never know - that can quickly change with a baby! It was feeding time and church was still going on. He was fine until we got in the car but then he screamed the entire 20 minutes home. That extreme hunger made it super easy for him to take a bottle! He is such a big eater taking 6-8 oz. at a feeding and still rooting for more. No wonder, he is growing so quickly. I put away some newborn clothes last night and got a bit teary thinking he is my last baby.  Our experiences today have changed my tune - there is no way we could handle more than two children!

Evie was not in the mood to nap. She did go to sleep but woke up on the wrong side of the crib. We took her to get ice-cream but that did not make her happy either. We even let her get pink ice-cream with sprinkles but she was more interested in her Daddy's chocolate concoction. Daddy always shares but that was not what she had in mind. When we got home, Carl took Evie outside to burn off some energy before dinner.

Evie was looking at me during dinner and noticing my tiredness. She put her chubby little hands on my cheeks while saying, "Mommy, it's okay. Don't cry. Evie sit with you. What's the problem? I help you." She sure is a sweet girl! I mentioned to Carl that maybe we should have put Evie in the three day program at preschool. He said that the seven day program might be the best choice. HA! We love our Evie dearly but she sure can wear us out. I have a feeling that Carl is looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a better day!


  1. Sounds like a fun family weekend! Love Evie's pouty face on the hike! And little Henry looks so handsome in his smocked alligator suite.

  2. Oh funny! The preschool comment is hysterical, laughed out loud at that one. Looks like a fun weekend--love the pictures:)

  3. Oh my gosh, I laughed out loud at the 7-day preschool program comment too! Sure wish we had one of those around here!! And that IS a precious picture of Evie with Henry in the Moses basket outside. Oh, my ovaries are bursting!! ;)


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