Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cupcakes and Painting!

Evie has not been sleeping well this week and it's starting to catch up with her! She has been waking around 7, napping for two hours and then not going to sleep until 8. I walked in to get her this morning and she said, "Hear that Mama, that Ipop's doggies." The dogs next-door were barking for some reason so maybe that woke her up but it's hard to keep her happy when she is tired. I told her she was cranky because she was tired. She told me,"Evie not cranky. Raffi cranky." Evie had three time-outs before 9:30 this morning. I took one of the chairs from Evie's little table and put it in our laundry room for timeout. Mostly, because I am so tired of walking her up the stairs every time she goes to time out since it happens rather frequently these days. Evie was not impressed by this idea at all! She said, "That not time-out chair, that a eating chair." Well, it's a time-out chair now but that made me smile.

We went to pick up her first day of school shirt this morning and then ran a few other errands. It went well which continues to surprise me. Some days work better than others.

Evie and I made cupcakes this morning. She loves to bake and is always happy to whisk things for me. It takes three hundred times longer when she is in the kitchen but the process is so much more fun.

We painted a few pictures while the cupcakes baked and then had to change clothes. Maybe, Evie's idea of just wearing a diaper is a good plan - then I could just hose her off after each activity.

Evie wanted to have a picnic so I made some sandwiches. Turkey and bacon sandwiches were on the menu since cheese is out of the question. Evie and I both love bacon! Henry enjoyed hanging out on the blanket while we ate lunch. He is such a content little fellow just checking out his new environment.

We all settled down for naps and without fail Henry wakes up every single day at 1:30 which is right after Evie gets to sleep. I am not sure what it is about 1:30 but it has been a trend for quite a few days. He went back to sleep and Evie sleeps through all of this.

After nap, we frosted the cupcakes and Evie was in charge of the sprinkles. Those cupcakes had more sprinkles than frosting! Evie wanted pink cupcakes for herself but wanted to make yellow ones for her boys. She told me that boys don't like pink. Courtney got a pink one though!

We had a nice afternoon reading books and playing on the iPad. Evie loves the iPad and can work it quite well. She tries to tell me how to do everything so it comes as no surprise that she insists on directing me on proper usage of MY iPad. "Push that button Mama, right there. That not done. It loading. Hold on. Evie don't like that one - other one. Push done." She does not stop talking all day and says almost everything three times. She gets the non-stop talking from me but I am done with talking by the end of the day.

Carl got home and Evie was so excited to see him. She had another timeout shortly after his arrival home. We decided that it would be a fabulous idea for her to go outside to burn some energy! She helped Carl grill our chicken for dinner and gave me a few minutes of peace.

Dinner was a success without any meltdowns and then it was time for a bubble bath for our sweet girl. Evie is covered in bug bites and needed a good soaking. I put  her to bed and all the hard parts of the day disappear when she gives me a big hug while saying I love you, Mommy! Carl and I sat outside with Henry for a bit since it was such a nice night. I am looking forward to the weekend!

Just for the record, Evie asked me to take pictures of her and Henry on her Sadie dog. Then, she decided that she did not want Henry on Sadie or her picture snapped. These were too funny not to save for posterity!


  1. is it wrong that these are some of my favorite pictures?! i love how henry is just so happy and oblivious to all that is going on around him! the one of him smiling with his face on evie's is just adorable!!!

    libbi hasn't been sleeping well, either. she has been SO cranky all day. it is awful! she wakes probably two to three times a night in hysterics (i don't know if it's nightmares???) and is up early in the morning - which makes for loooooong days. laney has been sleeping really well at night, but not napping well during the day. oh well, it's always something, i guess :)

    and ilbbi can definitely work the ipad better than i can - ha!

  2. I am just laughing at these pictures! Cilla has not napped in over a week and this is how she is from about 4 pm until she finally goes to sleep at night! What's a mom to do?


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