Wednesday, August 17, 2011

That's Perfect!

Evie and I had such a fun day together. She was in the best mood. Poor Henry has not been feeling well the past two days, I introduced a little dairy back into my diet via about a dozen cookies. Apparently, even dairy that has been baked is too much for his right now. It's ironic that I am experiencing this because I never really "got" it when parents worried about their child's sensitivities or allergies to food. Well, I get it now after changing more diapers than I care to count and trust me it's not worth 200 chocolate chip cookies to experience this on a daily basis. Henry has been fussy and not slept more than an hour at a stretch all day. Carl thinks it may also be the 6 week growth spurt. Let's hope so because I really do love my sweets. It looks like a trip to Whole Foods and the Vegan bakery is in my future though.

Evie and I spread out on the kitchen floor and painted this morning. I just knew that lots of paint would end up on the floor and had prepared myself for that. Evie surprised me though and kept the paint on the paper. She kept telling me how perfect everything was all day. Such a funny girl!

Henry was crying and I said, "It's okay, honey." Evie looked at me and said, "that not Honey - that Henry, Mommy." She must really think that I have gone off the deep end. Evie had to remind me to "guckle" her this morning. She climbs in her own seat while I get Henry in his seat. I hopped in the van to back out of the driveway and she asked me to "guckle" her.

We got home from picking up Henry's canvas and Evie immediately began working on her dinner party preparations. She served dinner to her six favorite babies in the dining room. I love seeing the things she comes up with and it certainly keeps me busy cleaning up after her all day.

Everyone took naps until the dinosaurs came into Evie's room. Those pink dinosaurs are really nice dinosaurs because they waited for 2.5 hours before disturbing our sleeping princess.  It's still fairly nice weather so we went outside for a bit until Evie had a meltdown that her boys were not outside. We were all happy to see Carl when he came home. Evie was in desperate need of a bath and then we doused her room in dinosaur spray again. She called me back up the there for one more spray. Oh dear, let's hope she moves on to something new soon.


  1. If your dinosaur spray is any good, please pass it to us for our bees! Still thinking of you and Henry and praying for continued relief for everyone. You amaze me with what you do with Evie and a newborn.

  2. I agree with Whitney -- there is no way I'd be brave enough to break out the paints for my toddler with an infant who wasn't sleeping great! You're a fun mom! :)

    Aubrey has to remind me to buckle her in too occasionally! I let her climb in her seat while I put Jude in too, and if I forget to buckle her, she frantically reminds me. I'm glad she's so concerned about being buckled in!


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