Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What a day!

Our days are always interesting around here! I did figure out that the monitor works outside and across the street at The C's. That makes Evie so happy because Henry sleeps most of the day. He is taking medicine for his reflux and it has made a HUGE difference! We had to go back to the pharmacy today because they did not give us enough medicine. Thank goodness, they filled it again since I had just picked it up yesterday. The medicine tastes horrible so I also had them add some flavoring. It's pretty hard to get it all in his mouth so I mixed it into a bottle tonight which made it a lot easier. I am hoping it will continue to get better and I will be happy to avoid dairy too if that upsets my little Henry's belly. I had just a tad of dairy last night and could tell today that his little belly was hurting.

I had a pride before the fall kind of afternoon. Evie was in her crib - not sleeping but quiet. Henry was sleeping and I was in my bed snoozing a bit. I thought this is not so hard - funny because yesterday was not that kind of day. Everything was going a little too well. Evie starting calling for me and when I went into her room her diaper was off. She was so proud to show me that she had pooped. Thank goodness, it was all contained in the diaper but it was a close call. Then, while I was using the bathroom, she proceeded to squirt diaper rash cream all over the floor. Then, Henry woke up so I was feeding him when Evie decided she needed something from upstairs. She was worried the dinosaurs were going to get her so I had to go with her. Henry went with me and puked all over my shoulder! All of this within about five minutes.

Our day got better because my brother Ben came to meet Henry. Evie talked about it all day and I do mean all day. I heard variations of "Uncle Ben is coming. Evie happy Ben coming. I like Ben. Ben be here soon." all day long! She was thrilled to see him and they kept busy playing!

Evie introduced her Uncle Ben to her boys. Ben liked the boys and they all played together. Campbell told Ben that he had a lot of boo-boos on his legs.  Courtney and I saw the perfect photo opportunity of Campbell and Christian. Too bad neither of us had our cameras!

We had another delicious dinner and Ben played with Evie. I was glad to get her to bed but she really did quite well with no nap this afternoon. That's good practice for preschool because I am not convinced that she will nap at school.


  1. we had one of those days, too! it just all seems to happen at once, doesn't it? i think we had a moment where every female in the house was crying - ha! SO glad that henry got some meds that seem to be working. hopefully you'll start noticing big changes soon for his sake and yours!

  2. Tomorrow is a new day. I have had many days like yours today. Hang in there!


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