Friday, February 1, 2013

February Happenings!

Happy February! Can't believe the sweetest month is already here. It's going to be a super busy month for us and we are so excited. 

I am working on a chart for Evie with all of our activities to help with her sense of time. She has most of these events down pat but the order is confusing her a bit. Evie learns like her parents and needs visual aids.

Molly's Birthday - It's a princess party and Princess Evie is beyond excited.

 Muffins with Mama at preschool. I am really looking forward to this event and have been since Evie started preschool.

  Mountain Trip with the McDonald family. Carl is planning to take Evie skiing for the first time. We love having out with this sweet family! Their boys are the same age as our kiddos so it is always a blast. Ben was with Carl when we met for the first time so he will always be my favorite friend!

Nana and Ipop's House is our next stop. We will see my brother, grandmother and aunt. Plus Murphy and Gracie dog!

I am going to see two of my best friends, Candice and Lindsay from college while home too. Can't believe that we have been friends since our freshman year of college. It's even harder to believe that we are all moms and that our kids can play together now too. There are more kids to add to the picture!

  Plane Trip. Evie loves to fly on an airplane but I am nervous about flying with two mobile children. It will be an experience. Much different than the last time we flew . . . a year ago. Henry will most definitely not be sleeping on the plane.

  Valentine's Day. We celebrate Valentine's day with some sweet treats and little gifts. Evie is ready to pass out her cards at school. She is already anticipating all of the cards and will be surprised with all the chocolate too. Henry will love the excitement!

  Krystal and Peyton come to Nashville! We are going to have so much fun. Krystal and I were roommates in college and then both had baby girls on January 16, 2009. Our girls are finally going to meet! Krystal has met Evie but I have not met Peyton. Can't wait to spend these with two girls! Evie is thrilled to have a sleepover even though the moms will be here too.

  Disney World. Our vouchers for our tickets, hotel and photo package came in the mail yesterday so it is beginning to feel more real. We told Evie back in November that our Disney trip would be in February. Letting her know that February comes after her birthday. She has been inquisitive all along but not annoying. I love that she is so pumped about seeing her princesses. Carl's childhood friend, Lee is going to be at Disney with his family too so it will be fun for our kids to meet at the most magical place on Earth. 

Beach Trip. All of us will be ready for a relaxing beach vacation after this crazy month.

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  1. You have packed a lot into the shortest month of the year! I can't wait to read about all the memories you make!


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