Friday, February 1, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up: Apology Notes, Green Hills and the ENT

Oh, what a week it has been! Carl was out of town the entire week again. We are all so excited that Friday is finally here.

Monday: We made orange sour cream muffins and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins early this morning since we woke up early. Evie had dance and Henry ate lunch at YCare so he could nap right when we arrived home. I still had to wake up the little guy to make our ENT appointment on time. Not sure, why I woke my sweet boy up since we waited over an hour to see the doctor. Our ENT sees adult patients in addition to the pediatric patients so the office is not quite childproof. Henry had every cabinet door opened, pressed every button, shut the blinds and made the chair go up and down. I am telling you that experience took years off my life and to think we have to repeat the whole thing in six months. Henry received an excellent report even after last weeks double ear-infection. Evie was such a big girl. Bless her heart, she knew that I was feeling stressed so she sat quietly reading her magazines and blowing her nose copiously. We decided to swing by the mall as a reward. Henry and Evie love the germ infested playground and it is free. We ate some Chick fil A and called it a night after a little playtime in the garage. Henry climbed into the stroller and Evie was thrilled to push him all around.

Tuesday: Evie went to school while Henry and I hosted a baby play date. Henry beat the tar out of a little girl at our house with his scratching, biting and swatting. Y'all the girl left with multiple wounds and some bleeding. Of course, I was mortified but know this is just a stage and that it will hopefully pass quickly as I remind Henry multiple times a day to touch softly. Needless to say, an apology note was sent out immediately to Madeline's mama. Henry was all tuckered out after his morning antics so nap time was a breeze. After picking up Evie, we delivered a meal to a family with a new baby from church. It was a long way from home so I decided to stop for frozen yogurt on the way back to our neck of the woods. My children never turn down an opportunity for chocolate! Evie had swimming and Henry and I enjoyed a little break from each other.

Wednesday: We stayed home most of the day just enjoying some down time. After naps, we went to Monkey Joe's to meet some friends from the MOMS Club. It was more of the same there with Henry. Oh dear, I hope he does not get kicked out of preschool. This was our hardest night without Carl and I may have lost my patience with my precious children.

Carl and I love this picture. Not sure what is in his mouth.
Thursday: Best day of the week! Both kids went off to school and I met Kristin in Green Hills for some lunch and shopping. We had a ball and covered a lot of territory. It so good for me to get out without my kids and enjoy something for myself with a sweet friend. I picked up the children with a new attitude and swing in my step. Evie was tired after school so we came for a quick Doc McStuffins. Henry had an excellent day at school with a long nap and soft touches with his friends. Henry and I played outside to soak up the sunshine even though it was chilly. We headed out for swimming lessons and then made smoothies for dinner along with chips and hummus. Henry was off to bed early since he is always exhausted after a busy day at school. Evie and I stayed up playing Candy Land. Poor Evie fell out of the bed a little before midnight and ended up in bed with me.

Friday: Henry was up for two hours in the night so morning came way too early for this weary Mama. We were so surprised to wake up to a touch of snow on the ground. Enough snow to cancel school for the day. Evie was so excited to see the white stuff and we bundled up for a quick trip outside. Henry liked the snow but Evie was ready to come inside after just a few minutes for some hot chocolate. Henry and I took an early nap at 11 while Evie played in her room. We ventured out to Target to get some groceries after Henry's nap since my kiddos are eating me out of house and home. Then we visited the library for some new books and movies. It was a nice way to break up the afternoon. Carl is home and everyone is over the moon excited. He's putting the kids to bed and we will be conking out soon ourselves.

Happy Friday everyone! We have a busy weekend on the agenda. 


  1. okay, based on all the cute things you have posted here, I have a hard time believing that you pin but never make! :) Find something this week to make and then share it with me by the weekend. You can do it!! :)

  2. I picked Jude up from the nursery yesterday, and his teacher told me that he "has quite a temper." So I can totally relate to your struggles with Henry. Boys! ;)


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