Friday, February 8, 2013

Week in Review: Crunchers, Well-checks and Warmish Weather

It's been a fantastic week! Lots of things to keep us busy and everyone has been well for the majority of the week.

Monday: I was not feeling 100% yet so we mostly rested this day. Evie and Henry went to the Y for ballet and Y-Play while I enjoyed a smoothie instead of a workout. Henry started showing signs of tummy distress so I canceled my Girls Night In for Tuesday.

Tuesday: Everyone was fine again. Evie went to school and Henry and I had such a great day together celebrating his 19 month birthday. My little buddy is so much fun these days! We went straight to the doctor for Well Checks after school. Now, that's an adventure taking two kids to the pediatrician. Evie went to swimming lessons and I took a long walk on the trail since it was such a warm day. We decided to eat Chick fil A for dinner since it was Kid's Night. Evie is turning into such a big girl. She waited in line by herself to order her balloon animal, tipped the man and found us at our seat without any trouble.

Wednesday: We went to Kristin's house for lunch and playtime. Evie loves Jacob's new backyard and calls it the forest. They "hiked" around and had a grand time. I reminded Henry of gentle touches about three million times. Henry took a nice long nap while Evie and I played outside. She helped me clean out the Odyssey and sprayed down the mats. It's amazing how dirty kids can make a car. We made some cookies and then Henry woke up from his nap. We ran dinner to a friend with a new baby - oh how tiny! I adore new babies! Barbecue was the meal this time because my friend is from South Carolina. Elizabeth was excited for the bottle of Maurice's sauce. Carl might not be excited that it is now missing from our pantry. Maybe he will not notice? We came home and played outside for a bit. 50 degrees is my kind of winter day! Evie was so excited that Caitlin was coming to babysit. Caitlin broke a bone several months ago and Evie has worried about this so much. She told me that Caitlin was going to walk over here on the crunchers. That's crutches - how cute! For the record, the crutches have been ditched and this Mama hightailed it out of here. Being a single mama for three weeks requires some breaks for sanity.

Thursday: Evie's school had Muffins for Mama and we had such a delightful morning. Henry was quite impressed to be invited into the classroom for muffins and to sit at the little table. He made a royal mess with his muffin and Karen was probably thrilled to see all the younger siblings depart. Evie's class did a little program that was adorable, passed out painted canvases and little notes. One of the questions: My mommy is as pretty as _________. Evie's answer was "My mommy is as pretty as Evie." That made me laugh out loud. My girl has so much self-confidence and I love it! Henry went to school and then I met some friends for brunch before heading to the dentist. Then, it was time to pick the kiddos up and we went to our Thursday playgroup. I think we agreed that our group is too big to meet in homes anymore. Perhaps a large, open field would better suit our needs? Evie had swimming and then we came home to see Carl. We were all so happy that he came home a day earlier than expected.  It was so nice to have a family dinner and help putting the kiddos to bed. 

Friday: Henry was up a lot last night. Ugh! Morning came too soon for us all. We spent the morning packing and running last minute errands. By the time, you read this post, we will be well on the way to the mountains of North Carolina. It's going to be an adventure with four kids under four. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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