Friday, February 15, 2013

Week in Review: Friends, Flying and Fun!

We had a super fun yet busy week! My kids are totally out of sorts from being off schedule. They are waking up way too early after five nights on Eastern Time. It's only an hour but there is a big difference in waking at 6:00 versus waking at 7:00. Let's hope they adjust tomorrow!

I have lots to do but wanted to document our week so this will be short and sweet.

Monday: Discovery Place with my sweet friend Candice and her son! My Dad was kind enough to send along his Office Manager, Joanie and her niece to help rein in the chaos. WE had such a fun time and it was so nice to have an extra set of hands. I was able to even finish a few sentences with Candice.

Tuesday: My mom took the day off. We went to feed the ducks and froze to death so our next stop was the mall for some window shopping. Their Chick fil A does not serve breakfast. Can you believe that? Shocking! Henry took a long nap while I cleaned out my room. My parents were ready for me to get all my junk out of their house so I purged. Time changes so much and things that I would have not parted with five years ago were happily tossed into the trash pile.

Wednesday: We flew out of Greenville and had a great flight. My kids did great and we all survived without any tears! I need to write a few things down so that I will remember what worked for our next flight.

Thursday: Both of my little Valentine's were tired and cranky but we trucked through the day. Carl and I called it an early night.

Friday: We stayed home all day and I attempted to take care of a few things around the house. Not much was accomplished with my little helpers under foot. Carl did hang some curtains in Henry's room for me. That's about it folks!

Happy Friday! Enjoy the weekend. I am so excited because my dear friend, Krystal is coming to visit for the weekend with her daughter. Peyton and Evie will finally meet!

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  1. So glad I'm not the only one with stuff still at my parents'!


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