Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Henry is 19 Months!

Dear Henry,

   You are turning into such a big boy! I still think of you as my baby boy and probably always will. You weigh 23 pounds and are now in the 10% for your weight and you are 31 inches tall. Daddy and I can tell that you are beginning to gain some weight now that you are feeling so much better.

You are so docile! Evie plays doctor with you, carries you around the house and leads you into all kinds of mischief. Nothing ruffles your feathers. You get that from your Daddy not from me or Evie.

You are smart! I know all parents say their kids are smart but you are really smart. You might not talk much but everything is clicking inside your head.  Evie had a birthday party with a Belle cake and an appearance by Belle. You walked from the Belle cake to Belle several times exclaiming and pointing your fingers. Letting us know that you knew that was the same girl on the cake as in our kitchen.

We were pretending to be animals tonight and I told you that you were the dog. You marched right over to our side door and started making dog sounds at the dogs next door. 

When you are thirsty, you point at the cabinet with the cups and when you are hungry you bring me a bowl. You put the dishes away out of the dishwasher, your clothes in the hamper and distribute all the lost items you find to the right person. See, Henry- you are almost ready to be a husband! Evie loves when you find Raffi for her. I'm telling you Henry that you are a genius!

You are also the sweetest boy ever and I cover you with kisses all day long. We love seeing you become so affectionate with others too. You will allow anyone to hold you without any hesitation. New situations do not phase you a bit. You are always ready to try something different.

I am amazed at how independent you have become in the last month. You walk into the garage and climb into your side of the van and then attempt to hoist yourself into the seat. You alert us when your diaper needs changing and you even try to wipe anyone sitting on the toilet. You climb up and down the stairs, up and down from furniture and even sit on the counter to cook with me now. One morning, you even walked across the kitchen table - just for entertainment! It scared us to death but made us laugh too. Henry, you love to make us laugh!

You certainly keep us on our toes. We will be glad when this biting and scratching phase passes. You even had to send your first apology note. It must be frustrating not to have many words but your vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds. My favorite words you say: Mama, Daddy, ow, yuck, doughnut and chocolate. Soon, you will have all the words you need to make your point without biting or scratching. Evie is your biggest fan and squeals in your face, "Henry, you know how to talk now." She does this every.single.time you say a word and you still find it amusing. 

Evie fiercely protects you and does not hesitate to put others in their place. She told Dr. Brooks not to give you a shot at his appointment today and you get very concerned about Henry's ears. You take your job very seriously not to get water in his ears during bathtime to keep the "ear affections" away and you keep your milk cups out of his reach since Henry is "llergic" to milk. Evie's got your back at the park too and does not let anyone else come to your rescue when the slide is too scary or you take a tumble. You are her "favorite" brother and she loves being your sister. Her requests for a sister baby have been reduced significantly since you have become so much more fun. It's amusing to observe you and Evie playing together. You also love big boys and will attempt to mimic anything they do. Let's make good choices with our friends, Henry! Good friends help you make good choices and good choices make good friends.

Henry, you are such a blessing to our family and we love you more than you will ever know. We love your soft little cheeks, wrinkled toes, infectious giggle and most of all your gentle spirit. It's so much fun to watch you grow and change by the minute. We are so thankful to have you as our little boy!


Mommy and Daddy


  1. Happy 19 months Henry! Rowen just turned 15 months last week. I love all the pictures. Too cute! We have enjoyed the park the past 2 days!! Sounds like yours like going too.

  2. Happy 19 months Henry. You are such a cutie! What better way to celebrate than by going to Chick Fil A!!!


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