Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekend with Krystal Penn

My sweet college friend, Krystal,  arrived on Saturday with her four year old daughter, Peyton. Evie was so excited to have a friend spending the night. 

We picked Krystal and Peyton up at the airport about 10 and headed out for a bite to eat. Puffy Muffin was swamped so our next stop was The Local Taco. Our girls became fast friends over queso and chips. 

We came home for a bit and then headed out for an adventure. Henry had his own adventure with Daddy. Science Center was super busy too so we made our way to Inside Out Play Park. Fun times!

Evie decided to spend most of our time snuggling me instead of playing and then put herself to bed before dark. 

Peyton and Henry had enjoyed each other's company very much. Henry loved all the extra attention!

On Sunday, we took a little tour of Nashville showing Krystal around our fabulous city! Then, we grabbed some lunch at The Turnip Truck. It's like a miniature Whole Foods with "urban fare" along with some groceries. The seating left some room for improvement but the food was delicious. Krystal and I were especially impressed with the bacon. 

Carl held down the fort while Krystal and I went for a little adventure in downtown Franklin. Most of the stores, were closed but it was nice to look around a bit and have some girl time.

We spent the rest of Sunday playing outside, supervising projects and giving out snacks. Our kids hit the sack and we enjoyed a nice quiet kid-free dinner. 

It was such a delight having my sweet friend visit for the weekend! I cannot believe we have been friends for so long. Time keeps marching on. I love having daughters that are birthday twins that will be a special bond to share forever.


  1. What fun! Working to maintain the friendship over time and distance says so much about you both.

  2. So sweet to see both of your faces!!


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