Tuesday, March 5, 2013

20 Months!

Sweet Henry,

  You are 20 months old and are the most delightful little baby! Every day is filled with laughter and smiles. You are so calm and laid-back, nothing bothers you at all and you are content with the simplest things such as a box of tissue or a container of blocks.

You are talking so much now! It makes life much easier that you are able to communicate. It has helped every one's frustration level. Some of your favorite words are: bird, ball, hi, boat, more. Evie is thrilled because you started saying"sister" last week and you say it all day long. We dropped Evie off at swimming today and you said "sister" all the way to Harris Teeter and then pointed at her in the pool saying "sister" over and over. Our favorite thing you say is "I love you" - it might sound like gibberish to some people but we know that is what you are saying. You still say "doughnut" a lot and that word covers anything sweet.

Speaking of sweet, you are the sweetest thing. You kiss, cuddle, pat and hug all day. You love to play baby dolls and push the babies in the stroller and feed them crackers. You join Evie in all of her games of school, beach, beauty shop and even princess. You gladly take on the role of student, lifeguard, customer and prince. 

You are such a good helper and clean up so well. You love being in the water and think you already know how to swim. There is not one bit of fear in your body. You live each day to the fullest! Nothing holds you back.

You like shoes, balls, dogs, books, playing outside and eating snacks. You love to look out the window on long drives and are the best little traveler. You will go down for a nap anytime between 11 and 2 and sleep for about two hours. It's so nice to have a flexible baby!

It's been a busy month for you from flying on planes, to your first sleepover and a trip to Disney World. You enjoyed it all! We are always on the go and you seem to really like it that way.

Everyone loves you and you love everyone. Even the childcare workers at the YMCA adore you and you are a bit of a teachers pet at your school. You have a little "stranger danger" if someone tries to grab you but are happy to chit-chat from the safety of Mama's lap.  Communication has changed some things because you are quick to shake your head yes or no to give your opinion. Henry, do you want to get in the stroller -no! Henry, do you want to go bye-bye - yes!

You are beginning to learn your colors and identify that blue is your color. We had a box of animal crackers with pink and white crackers. You were carrying around the box passing the pink ones to Evie and keeping the white for yourself. At Disney World, we all had mugs with different colored lids - you knew the turquoise one was mine and it quickly became yours since it had coke and sprite inside. Daddy had a black lid with water and Evie had a pink one - you know that pink is not your color.

You have really turned into a big boy and want to do everything yourself. Highchairs are a thing of the past - you stand to eat these days. You climb up and down the stairs, walk inside on your own at familiar destinations and sit by yourself rather than always on my lap. I just cannot believe that my baby boy is such a big boy!

Henry, we love you so much and feel so blessed to have you as our son. I cherish these days with you so much and know they will be such happy memories for me in the years to come.


Mama and Daddy


  1. Oh he is just too cute! Sounds like he is such a little joy! I know Evie is loving that he is saying sister! Happy 20th month bday Henry!! Now slow down...we don't want 2 to be here already!

  2. I love reading about the little boy Henry is becoming, and he is looking so much like a little boy here!

  3. 20 months...it can't be true! He definitely looks like a little boy in picture #4, one of my favorites for this post. And most definitely looks like Carl in picture #6! I adore the curtains in his room!


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