Friday, March 8, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up: Playdates, Recipes and Routine

It's been good to get back in our routine yet tough at the same time. Both kids have been more tired than usual after our busy week at Disney and the beach. I will post soon about the beach and my tips for Disney. There's just not enough time in the day for everything!

For the sake of time, I am going to quickly summarize each day!

Monday: Evie had dance. We made chocolate chip cookies from scratch and worked on our alphabet. Carl was out of town and the rest of the day is blurry. Oh I remember, I had the stomach bug. YUCK!

Tuesday: Evie went to school. Henry ran errands with me and then we went to a friend's house for lunch. It was so good to see my friends but I felt stretched a little thin for the rest of the day. So good to catch up though! I picked Evie up from school early because Henry needed a nap and he would not have enough time for a nap if I waited until 2 to pick her up. Evie had swimming that afternoon. Henry also turned twenty months on this day! Sweet Boy is getting too big.

Wednesday: Kristin and her kiddos came over for some playtime and lunch. I had picked up some sundried tomato pasta from Simply Living Life and it was delicious! Easy and good. My SIL made a yummy salad and I tried to replicate it too. Everything tastes better when someone else makes it. So easy and good though. Take some pecans and toast them. Cut up an avocado and mix with greens of your choice. I used butter lettuce. Lollie used spinach. Throw in some Gorgonzola and then mix with raspberry Gorgonzola cheese from Trader Joe's. Try it, so good! After naps, we went to visit Courtney and the boys, it was so good to see them. Evie has not seen Campbell since her birthday. Crazy! I took the kids to Target to pick up a few essentials and then made pancakes for dinner. Evie was not impressed that I made snowmen out of the microwave pancakes. She said the "chocolate messed it up" so maybe I will just stick with a stack of pancakes in the future. Carl got home late from Kansas City. 

Thursday: Carl took Evie to Doughnuts with Daddy at her school. She was hysterical when he left just like when I left after Muffins for Mom. Evie is a charmer for sure! It was so easy just getting one kid out of the house. Henry was happy to see his teachers and they marveled at his new expanded vocabulary. We had a play date after school at Molly's house and Leah came too. Evie was thrilled to have her favorite friends in one spot. Then we headed to swimming. I made pizza for dinner and Evie became violently sick in the middle of dinner. Fun times! Then, Henry decided to mimic Evie and it was even funnier. He will try anything that she does and apparently even throwing up is worth mimicking.

Friday: We stayed home all morning! I tried to get some laundry done and refereed a few fights. It was a good morning and both kids napped which gave me a chance to prepare this new recipe for dinner. It's a Chicken Noodle Broccoli dish with cheese. Can't be bad, right! We are headed to Campbell's birthday party after naps and then ready to start our weekend!

Happy Friday, y'all!

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