Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up: Storms, Supper and Sickies

We had a low-key weekend! Always the best kind of weekend now that I am a Mama.

Saturday: We stayed home most of the day. Evie went out with each of us for some alone time. She went to Home Depot and Chick fil A with Carl. I took Evie to Publix and to pick up her Easter dress from Sew What. It looks precious! The Onello family came over for supper and we kept it simple with carry out pizza from Sal's. It was delicious and easy. I might have friends over more often if it was always so easy. Our kids played well together and we had the chance to catch up a bit. Evie had a ball with Abby. I am pretty sure they tried on a large portion of Evie's dress collection but they had a blast! It was a fun evening. Evie's favorite part was the birthday cake. Maura recently celebrated a milestone birthday so we wanted to share in her celebration! Maura is just beautiful on the inside and out and such a down to earth friend - just what every Mama needs in her life. Happy Birthday, Maura!

Sunday: Evie woke me up in the middle of the night feeling sick. Sure enough, within minutes she was sick and it was a rough night. I felt terrible for her especially since I had just experienced this bug on Friday. Evie camped out with me all night since continuous sleep was not really an option for either of us under the circumstances.  Carl took the early shift with Henry at 5:20 and 7:20 so I could sleep a bit longer. Evie slept so late this morning that we woke her up at 10 and then she took a little nap on the couch this afternoon. It was the perfect day for being sick with lots of storms. Rainy days are the best days for napping!  All of that rest made Evie feel back to normal so we all headed out for a family walk after the storms cleared out. She felt like playing a few games of Candy Land and Memory. Then played dress-up from my closet, which seemed like a good idea but Evie had a little bit too much fun with my clothes. Henry spent the afternoon eating popcorn and requesting "more pop pop" which his father happily agreed to the request.

That about sums up our weekend! It's spring break but it feels more like winter break with a chance of snow tonight. Brr!


  1. Poor Evie! I hope you both stay well and the boys in the house don't get it. We had snow and ice tonight which made for a treacherous drive home. Maybe you all will be spared. Enjoy spring break! I'm counting down to mine.

  2. Ahhh, so sweet! Thank you for your kind words! I'm the lucky one to have YOU as such a great friend! We all had a ball yesterday! Thanks! Soooo glad Evie is feeling better! Have a fantastic Spring break! Maura

  3. So sorry about the sickness! I hope you girls are on the mend and Henry and Carl are spared! Davis is on his umpteenth cold and I've come down with my first one in a quite a while! Praying we are all well for Easter travels!


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