Friday, March 29, 2013

Week in Review: Snowy Spring Break

Happy Friday, Y'all! It's been a cold week here even though it was spring break. Snow fell on Monday but did not stick. By Tuesday morning, there was a bit of accumulation. It's been nice to have a break from our packed schedule although we manged to fill it with other activities.

Monday: We stayed home all day until after Henry's nap. Then, I took both kids to Aldi and Hobby Lobby. That took a few years off my life -I miss the days of Evie and Henry sitting contently in the cart. Evie walks now and Henry does not sit contently unless he in the deep part of the cart which leaves me without any room to buy anything. 

Tuesday: Evie wanted to play restaurant in her room with music and cinnamon toast. It was adorable! We met our friends at Pump it Up for some playtime. Evie and Leah had a ball while Henry and Eddie played together. Evie even braved the rock climbing wall after seeing Leah attempt it. She's a BIG fan now and is already requesting to go back.  I made dinner for two families that needed it. BBQ because it is easy and makes a lot. We delivered it quickly and then Carl came home while I took Henry to the doctor. It was so nice not to have her in tow with me. Henry needed a haircut so that was our next stop.

Wednesday: It was a rough day! All three of us were out of sorts and Carl was in Chattanooga. I dropped the kids off at the gym and then we headed over to the library. After naps, we went to Phillip's Toy Mart to see the live bunnies and the trains. Everyone else had the same idea and it was packed! We had a lovely time and enjoyed the bunnies. Evie was super impressed that the bunnies lived in castle. We stopped at Fresh Market on the way home to pick up our ham and some other items. I love Garlic Expressions salad dressing and the herb rolls. Delicious! Henry fell out of the bathtub and bumped his eye. He has his first black eye. Poor little guy!

Thursday: Karen came to keep the kids while I took a little breather. Preschool is a necessity not a luxury. I need a few hours to gather my thoughts! Both kids were sleeping when I arrived home and since they did not know that I was home - they slept until 3:30. We missed the egg hunt but I will take a nap over an egg hunt any day. It was a nice day so we played outside a bit. I cleaned out the garage a bit while the kids played. Evie and Henry dyed Easter eggs with us and enjoyed it so much. I kept Evie up with me since she had napped and we had a nice time together in the kitchen reading books, painting toes and preparing food.

Friday: We had friends over for playtime and lunch. It was so much fun - six kids and three Mama's - busy but fun!I made a yummy pasta salad from my friend Kristin and the kids played so well. Sometimes, I feel too busy for play dates but always have so much fun when we host a play date. Carl's parents are on their way to celebrate Easter with us. 

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend celebrating our Risen Lord.


  1. Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  2. Looks like tons of fun! And of course restaurant would include Cinnamon Toast! HAHA! Evie and Henry are gorgeous!


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